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February 28th, 2019
@Syogren: A slice of bread, yes, but by cooking it into toast, it unlocks new stats and evolves into a brand new food called toast!
@i do not associate with niggers: Yeah, also, if you hadn't noticed, Roland hasn't really thought anything through. You're absolutely right, there was no point to any of that, and that's the point
The colors that Perio's text changes may or may not come up later
These two just won't let up, will they...
Please, everyone, a round of applause for Slither and their beautiful art, and for bringing Timesceo's script to life
@Capejedi: Hecc, you're right

I don't remember much of the Buu saga though, since it's been around 10 years since I watched it.
I mean, magic hasn't been relevant since Goku stopped using the Power Pole...
Kaizen Minesweep champ
Big power, little boy
Name Suggestion: Heaven Ascended Arnt Heavy Killer Weather Report Queen Bites the Dust Burning Down the House Requiem Feedback Darker Than Rose Blue Ultra Instinct
This is awesome! This feels like something out of a Shonen Jump manga!
@Guest: I wasn't saying he was writing him better than the creator. I was just saying that because you weren't specific, and the most base-level, passerby observation of Kaizen would be "Shadow the Super Saiyan". I like the way Kaizen's been written by Punchy, I'm just saying that you could acutally present constructive criticism, instead of just "It's shit"
@Punchy: It was a good run while it lasted
Roland apparently prefers light reading

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@Guest: I don't see anything wrong with it. Is it just because it doesn't look like a mega man edit, like me and the other artists did? I respect Lapisbomb for deciding to do something different.
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Roland, you know he hates puns, whyyYYYY?
@Guest: Which one?
Omae Wa Mo... Shinderu