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Another page for My GF is a Centaur! That fast, huh? My
Dilemma is of continuing of "Sleepover Incident"

I hope you all will like it!

Text Editor, my boyfriend luu sky sapphire
My GF is a Centaur! New comic strips!

I hope you all like it! Have fun reading while it's hot! \^0^/

Text editor: Luu Sky Sapphire

All hail Yuri!
Aaaaand we're back! At long last I finished inking the next page. There's gonna be another short break after this while I deal with finals-but after that-I'm gonna be on break and churning out pages left and right. I've got them scripted up now so I'm pretty excited to keep going with this.

Artist - Konaxookami
Ann's Love life strikes again!!

With this entry, I introduce Ann's Girlfriend! (at last! yay!)
Next page, I'll dig more about her~~
So please keep reading My Girlfriend is a Centaur! my new ongoing original yuri comic strips <3

Thanks again to my boyfriend, he helped me out to refine the original scripts. x3

See you on next entry! Marjory x Kasmeer from Guild Wars 2 fancomic-strips debut!
All right! Here you go! Ann's Love Life part II.

Working on this really fun, I've done it within 4 hours. XD

I hope you'll enjoy this new Ocs of mine.

My Girl Friend is a Centaur!

Artwork: wetochan
This is story about Ann and her GF. (which I'll Introduce more about Ann's Gf on next comic strips, but I did give a little-cough-obvious-cough- hint in the title. ;) )

These are my new OCs, I hope you'll like and root for them!
This page took entirely too long for a page that has not so much going on in it. College man.

Artwork by Konaxookami aka Konam
Genre: Yuri
The final part of "Her Cuteness" featuring Marceline The Vampire Queen and Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time!

Time to resolve this little matter. ;3

Artwork by: wetochan
Part III of "Her Cuteness" featuring Marceline The Vampire Queen and Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time!

Really, Pee Bee? Really?! Haha!

Artwork by: wetochan
Part II of "Her Cuteness" featuring Marceline and Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time! Things get a little...personal! :3

Artwork by: wetochan
It's the return of the box. And fabric. Also last names. Those are new. Yup.

Artwork by Konaxookami aka Konam
Genre: Yuri
I've wanted to do a progression like this for a while. Glad I finally did! ;)

Artwork by Konaxookami aka Konam
Genre: Yuri
I'm going to also point out that I hate drawing boxes and there has been a box in at least five panels and that's not even fair. And fabric is funny stuff. I clearly picked the wrong subject manner for this comic I swear. More panels in tomorrow's exciting conclusions. A lot more. lol

Artwork by Konaxookami aka Konam
Genre: Yuri
I'm going to freely admit that the next few pages are so undoubtedly cliche that I feel bad about it. But cliches work for a reason, yeah? Also I finally got a few fonts that will be the defaults so THERE WE GO.

Artwork by Konaxookami aka Konam
Genre: Yuri
Page two! The introduction of our lovely protagonist Shinobu. Also we have the intro of our friend Haruki. I'm going to apologize for the inconsistent fonts. I finally figured it out on the third page. So after this the fonts even out.

Artwork by Konaxookami aka Konam
Genre: Yuri
Dadadaaaaaaa! At long last I feel like I have enough of a head start to publish it.

This is a project I've been thinking about for a while, so I decided at last to let this be a special endeavor. It's a sort of stylistic style in the sense that colors are only used in special occasions. But since it's a learning experience...we'll see how this goes! So. Please enjoy.

Artwork by Konaxookami aka Konam
Genre: Yuri
"Her Cuteness"
My latest Bubbline fancomic <3

For the past few months, I've been practicing drawing and coloring using my Tablet. It seems flat colored suits my drawing style :)

Have fun reading and enjoying 'Her cuteness' page number 1!

All hail YURI!!

Artwork by wetochan

The orignal Adventure Time concept belongs to Pendleton Ward

Yes!! The Opening Of 2013 comic strips is................................
Rizzoli and Isles fan Comic strip! (Rizzles).

This is the result of watching this series last month during my winter break.

I love so much these Gorgeous women. SO FA**IN HAWT!
Theirs Level chemistry is over Lv 9000!
Makes my Yuri senses antenna Goes High!

Enjoy and Happy fun read!!

All Hail Yuri!
All Hail Lesbian!
All Hail LGBT!
All Hail RIZZLES!!

Artwork by wetochan aka weto_oneesama

Have you ever felt this way before?
The moment when you realized your feeling for someone you've been with is was fade away?

And you were afraid to tell the truth?
The Truth you've fell in love with someone else?

Living a lie?
pretending you're happy?
faking your smile?

This is what The fate she's been choosed...

This is story about DIE LÜGE ..

And This is my own OC

The cheater name is: Judith
The Victim name is: Rosemary

Thousand thanks to ShizNat4EVER
for Text correction!
And Dark-saron
for the title in German translation


Artwork by wetochan.
Hi! I bet all of you get surprised, huh?
My latest Comic strips Is not Shiznat or Bubbline Sugarless gum.
Yup! This is my DOA5 (Dead or Alive 5) Debut :3

I hope you like it!
Kasumi X Helena

Note: How the way Helena's speaks is Based on Helena's USA dub version in game. You can confirm it by try the game :D

All hail YURI!!!