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if you know me from somewhere i'm sorry
if you don't know me yet congratulations
sell your parents on ebay
s(r33nT0n3z s0 k3w1

i didn't realise it's been a week, sorry for the break. just lazy.
background music while drawing.
don't worry about being busy! i'd be glad to see more updates of this great comic anytime!!! *late comment is late*

i was wondering if you post drawings anywhere else. i think your style is really nice.
halfway done with the next page so maybe tonite maybe tomorrow
50 billion years later

there will be some bonus pages before chapter 2 starts i think but not today probably

kinda awkward ending panel but does it look like i care
@Crossline421: i'm sitting here smiling madly to myself because of your comment, thank you :-P
i update really randomly, but if you use tumblr, you can follow the blog for update notices ( i am trying to get better at updating and finishing things, so hopefully i will have scheduled updates sometime!! (´w`;)
@deaeru: THANK U I WILL TRY TO UPDATE MORE SOON!!!!!!!..??? ^q^
the chapter is almost over... art thou being excitened? i certainly am not

it is a sideblog so i will not be following anyone, but feel free to send asks or whatever there.

comic pages will only be posted here on Smackjeeves, but sketches / extras / etc will be posted on the blog.
February 22nd, 2014
@annarogetta: hahah, thank you for the encouragement. i have the next page half-doodled... i'll try to finish it soon for you. (6w~)
February 17th, 2014
sorry for the long wait
i was hoping to get this animation done earlier and to bother adding another frame or two, but it is what it is...

also, it's my first time colouring these guys so i have no clue if i'll keep these same colours later on hah.

anyway yeah, happy holidays to you, readers!!!! (6w6)/
December 20th, 2013
drew this one today, no more pages queued now. so updates from here on will be random. maybe i'll post a xmas special doodle in the next couple days though

of course, comments and encouragement might help me to update heheh :))))))))
December 18th, 2013
@Katsura: thankee, so i shall! (6w6)/