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Hi. I like sprites so Ithought I would try this application called GIMP to try to make comics. Please give feedback because I'm not exactly sure how to use it yet. Still trying to get Photoshop so please forgive if you dont like the quality.
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Luigi is the manliest.
@Jarkes: You must be the most depressed ugly kid on his computer ever.

This looks good @Luigi_96. Rated +5 :)
The speech bubbles are really good man. Can't wait to see the rest of the fight
Well lookie lookie...

Also I have some cameo spots open. Send them in or post them in the comments bar :)
@Luigi_96: Make some then haha. I found the background on DeviantArt by a user named SMBZ1. You can look up Rogueport M&L sprites on google images it'll probably come up. I highly suggest it, its a great bg.
Luigi sure is a lazy daisy when it comes to getting out of bed.

Also I need some cameos please. If anyone has sprites of their characters in M&L I would love to feature their character throughout the comic. I have 3 main character spots and as many as others as you want.

M&L style is required. Sorry to everyone else.
@Luigi_96: Sometimes I get anxious or bored, I'll upload on a schedule.
Now that school is starting, I will upload 1 comic a week. Sorry. Its gonna be worth it though. I might update 5 a day even. Stay tuned
The links page is up, but I think I will change it and eventually put it on the comic page. If you would like to advertise, PM me.

EDIT: I did what I wrote above.
I like this start, also I'm fixing my Links page now. Your HTML looks so much better
Also, if you would like to be featured on the new links page, please be open to PMing me.
Here's the cover. Getting to the mysteries.... :3
We can finally start Luigi's RPG. Good comics ahead folks.

And do you see any familiar characters..??? I hope so.
What was that?? I'm only the author so I don't know.. ;)
This guy sure is annoying huh?

Rate rate rate :)

In case anyone was curious, I've already made 4 comics ahead of each one I post, and I say rate because I would like to see good feedback. thanks.
@Luigi_96: If you still have some of the comics, can I read it? And thanks!
I hope you enjoy this comic, I tried to make it kind of like the game on the bottom panel, but it didn't work too well..

If anyone wants a shoutout or an advertisement on this comic, I would be open to that :)

And please rate
I hope this format is better, I took both feedbacks from the previous comic and made this!

I added panels with outlines around the ends and with different zooms and angles, I decided to keep the background transparent though because I thought it would keep the comic cleaner and give it a higher quality.

Ratings and Feedback is very thoughtful!

Also anyone thats a fan of Mario & Luigi should read this great comic. It's called Mario & Luigi: The Legend of Evil Guy. by Luigi_96