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I enjoy playing video games, especially Mario, Sonic, and Mega Man. I'm also a fan of the WWE. My favorite sports teams are all football and baseball teams from Baltimore and Philadelphia (Ravens, Eagles, Orioles.)
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    Daniel Krauss
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@Guest: Fixed.
What better way to finish their adventure.

What a ride it's been from October 2010 up until now. I want to thank everyone who read and enjoyed Mega Pain. I know it must've been frustrating in the beginning, what with the three hiatuses in the first two years. But I was determined to see this comic through to the end. 2021 did what he could to help contribute despite setbacks beyond his control, and I thank him for that.

Now, here comes a bit of a downer. As of today, this marks my official retirement from making sprite comics full time. I'm not sure if this means I'll never make sprite comics for fun again, but as far a big adventure comic, this is the end of that chapter in my life.

Once again, thank you everyone for reading and enjoying my comics for the last 10 years of my life. I really appreciated it. :)
To say things don't look as good from Wily's side would be an understatement...
The Light Family is bigger and better than ever.
A pretty big one...
Seriously, what is the obsession?
Game Boy. The Nokia of video games.
Yeah...really should have...
Time to wrap things up in this, the final chapter of Mega Pain!
Proto Man showing mercy? What does he have planned?
Gee, thanks Core...
If he even tries to trap ALL of us in there...
I'm sure EVERYONE is dying to know.....
You could've just NOT agreed to fight in that battle, Mega Man...hmph!

The custom 16-bit Pukapelly sprites were originally made by Erokuso and were slightly edited by me.
@Hitler, leader of grammar nazis.: Fixed.
It should be...

Custom Proto Man sprites made by AndyEarthBoundFreak.
@TheJGamer: Smoke coming from his overloaded brain.