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Drawing comics about disabled people and their friends. Some of them are cops.
My heart is breaking right now. ;A; And does the dad's mood somehow attract the bygones? There sure is a lot of them there.

Also I know a kid who got told off for attending a pet's funeral and being late home so yeah. being a kid is hard, parenting is no walking a park either.
Silly kiddos. <3

Do you have any explanations of your drawing/colouring/comicking process out there? It'd be really cool to see some WIPs!
Unix is SO ODD. :D Looking forward to seeing more of him, and it was great to get this intro right when he shows up in DWTB!
Aaaah so dynamic!!
Much drama (and nice hair and tears) :O

Also this is exactly why I get annoyed about all the "Tell your buddies about your problems!1" campaigns popping up around World Mental Health day. The buddies might not be prepared and might also not be your buddies at all.
AAAH THE REUNION! This is so exciting, can't wait!
@Lutztoons: I usually witness awful things around the time of back to school sales, children crying when parents pull items that aren't "appropriately" blue/pink out of their hands. I still remember this one girl who just wanted a Spiderman backpack. :C

But yeah, these two are both a mess, just in different ways (as usual)!
@Lutztoons: Coming out of the closet is generally a good thing, but going in is almost never fun. :P

Hah, this is way less dramatic when in context (compared to the prologue). Geez, Ruby, that is not the way to go about growing up. :c
Nothing gets past a desk with a person with a stamp. NOT EVEN DEMONS :U

This comic keeps being so pretty. <3
April 21st, 2018
I'm so sorry. It's always hard to lose them, but especially so when it's sudden.

Take all the time you need.
Getting to know the new guys, excellent. :D Also my headcanon of Nelson's accent/background:
April 21st, 2018
Geez, Norrland's dad, who can even go to sleep after THAT goodnight. :C
It's okay to be busy! I'm always glad to see update from you. And hah, the last panel is matching perfectly with your comment.
Twin communication. :D It is slightly weird that there is all that negative non-spoken stuff between them but close family members usually have both.
Bring on more DnD comics! :D I miss playing it...
And even more convoluted when it's longer than strips (I love yours btw)...
Uh-oh, this smells like a supermarket fight (even witnessing them is always so awkward)... D: But yeah, I can understand Rhodes's reasons but he could be more patient there...
That sign tells a whole story. <3

I'm glad the comic is back! And your backgrounds keep being so soothing.