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Drawing comics about disabled people and their friends. Some of them are cops.
That's a reasonably good ending. If I had to be a demon I'd try to be that kind of one.
I'd love a link to that other comic. :)
I totally get that diary reason. Honestly, it's as good as any other.
@mitchellbravo: That feeling when you want your characters happy but you also have PLOT STUFF TO DO.

And I'm glad you're back in the saddle! That seems true to me too - trying to work on the comic semi-daily and it's definitely less of a scary uphill struggle than before.
I still love Uly's penmanship. XD

And awww, that's such a bittersweet present time scene, those bonds still holding them together. I think it's one of those things about friendship - even if you haven't heard from someone for weeks/months, they are still in your mind, you still want them to be well.

I want these kids to reconnect and to be happy and waaaah ;A;
Somehow even the stache going askew is more scary than funny. D:
April 17th, 2019
Oooh, Roy himself a stalker now. :O
So good to see you're back! But don't apologise, your health is important and not something to apologise for. Happens to the best of us. I hope your health keeps improving! :)
Oh lord the fourth wall got broken right before my eyes, I was not prepared for that . D:
This is so sad but beautiful. ;A;
I'll have to re-read it so Second's appearances haven't been months away from the reader perspective (I do remember her) but that's a nice twist.
So... was this all about a war of two demons?? Or crows trying to kill off Deadwood? My oh my. :O
Oh noooo-

What a moment to run out of pages, but I'm also glad I got to binge on the hardest part.
Rig could go somewhere where a tree would fail to grow (if it applies to demon trees) buuut wanting to be near Fen is understandable. :<
Well, these are the demon parts of the story after all. But yeah, I imagine having to rework an already heavy scene must have been hard. This kind of thing killed my comic before.
At least it wasn't her choice, though it's another thing making it more sad.
That reply to Clay... ;A;

And honestly, no matter what happens next, it's been really satisfying to see Rig make that decision, stand on her own. Stand up to Deadwood.
This is really sad even after all the previous deaths in the story. :c
That's one hell of a standoff. I also really like that Rig is fighting Pace who's not quite Pace anymore, there's some consolation in that, I always liked him.
I think Deadwood got careless there - doing that to Pace after Rig got to know him better, saying that "HA." at Fen's death.