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Drawing comics about disabled people and their friends. Some of them are cops.
I feel so bad for Shy right now. :( Panel 4 and 5 describe that feeling of being choked by your own brain too well.
@Songdog: Oh, if you're still fond of the story then I definitely want to read it! :D No pressure though!
Congrats! Keep up the good work! :)
Haha, to be honest I wasn't entirely sure Kim was entirely sure about this being true rather than just something similar to the show in some way. But so many feels! :D
Good thinking there!
I have a somewhat different opinion on what fear is but I like Parker's mantra.
Some people put too much energy into judging other people's hobbies, yeah. XP
Werewolf support group. It should be a thing. I mean, if being a werewolf IS a thing after all.

I can't blame the guy because being locked up doesn't exactly make you like people more but on the other hand if he was in Roy's shoes before that seems like a reason enough to talk at least.
There are threads on the forum both for old comic pages and a more recent one about character design/style evolution - maybe that could work for you? This way you get to share some of the old art without having to upload an entire comic.

I'm VERY happy about your decision to upload BoBD but considering the amount of artistic growth in it I'm not sure spending your time on a very old project is worth it... I'll still give it a try as a reader of course, what I mean is I'm not sure if I'd do that with my similarly old comics.
@Songdog: I think occasional slips are understandable, after all seeing things from a VERY different perspective is one of the biggest challenges of writers. The example I mentioned wasn't from your comic, it was a random page I saw on DA years ago that stuck in my mind.

And yeah, corvids are just ridiculously brainy! :D
It's either a crush or some sort of debt/intimidation thing. At least that's what I think at this point.
Probably overthinking but
I like how simple "Hey." is as a greeting but how also it gets so loaded with meaning with there's any backtstory between the characters. Extra loaded with meaning if at least one of them is bleeding/dying.
It's not manspreading, it's uh... fishbagging? But I can't blame him. <:D

The contrast between Atty's and George's expressions has never been better.
I like Second a lot. I also really dig the thing about number names since crows are some of the animals that can count (unless I'm mistaken). I'm sometimes annoyed by some clumsier aspects of anthropomorphising in xenofiction (like animals saying "we'll meet at 8 o'clock" when they have never SEEN clocks and it should be something like "after sunset") but you're usually so thoughtful about these details and I really like that.

I don't think Rig was particularly valued by her herd though. :( It's weird, I feel that I understand alive Rig much more than the dead doe.
I love how restless she is when it comes to trying to avoid any work. :D

And no worries! Schedules are a tricky thing even with one webcomic, let alone two!
@GessHugh: I've seen people (especially older people who haven't been exposed to comics/illustration/animation/video games much) being more impressed by really shoddy attempts at photorealism ("Look at that tree, it looks green and brown like a tree should! And you can see every leaf!") than by quality stylized art but it can also be just the difference of our experiences. :) So I genuinely can't guess how the snobby folk will see Atty's art at this point - we'll have to wait and see!
Oh gosh, this got even more relatable than it was before fast. Definitely brought me back to my sleep-deprived uni years (the more motivated and crazy grin filled first half of those, anyway).

And the part with Atty and Bart was great - both visually and pacing (Atty looking down at his hands, gah, I mean we've all been there but it really stood out to me as a moment in a comic) and the dialogue, that whole "I don't know what to do what could I do differently all choices are similarly bad" thing. I definitely never had to consider stealing anyone's pokemon but those sleep-deprived ifs and buts really hit me home.

And lol, Atty having to explain about references and how sketchbooks are private until you say they aren't. <3

I'm going to miss binging on your comics but your pages are so good so it seems only right (besides come on, it had to happen eventually). :D
I'm getting a feeling them actually discussing "the thing" is very important because it keeps being interrupted by something. It's good to see RGB is okay ...buuuut it was also cool to see the freaky dream version. >_>
@Lutztoons: Yup yup, this is where it all started, for better or for worse lol...
June 17th, 2018
@lil boi: Ah, that's cool, thanks for the explanation! X)