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Drawing comics about disabled people and their friends. Some of them are cops.
And this is how you deal with the past. :T
Frienemies! YESSS! :D
February 20th, 2019
Does Roy want the list in alphabetical order? <:D

But yeah, I think Blair might be putting this on but I'll enjoy a brief moment of believing he doesn't know what's going on and maybe he messed up as a police doctor.

And Roy might not be a skow but that bottom panel is great when it comes to establishing dominance visually.
February 20th, 2019
@Glueckskeks: I'll wait till we know more details but yeah, remind me of this if I forget later (I probably won't, even with my memory). :D

And I love how you drew that car, there's something beautiful about ugly cars.
Three hearts? NOT A TIME LORD THEN.
Mark looks familiar somehow?

And I love how you're blocking out the dead mayor's head, real classy. It's that time when not seeing something actually makes it more scary.
@jocosejoni: Very far from US and Canada, unfortunately. MAYBE SOMEDAY

And gosh, I've only been on a plane as a kiddo, I loved it back then but I think I would be terrified now. It just didn't occur to me crashes were possible in the real world when I was 6 or so.
This story just keeps getting better and better (and I love the art, obviously). It's been a hoot catching up on it! Keep up the good work! :)
Buses can be evil like that.
Ow. Right in the gut in every possible way.

And I love the composition of this page.
I don't have any big questions yet but I do love it when people talk about their art/writing process. X)
I relate to this. It's like, future might not even be a thing, and it shocks you at first but then you just feel tired more than anything else.

Woah, this story is getting dark but I like this kind of dark.
I love the rain here!! <3
I dunno if I'm being too grim but John looks like he didn't want to be saved in the first place. D:
Ahahah, Caleb is THE BEST at ruining moments (and thus making them even better).
@jocosejoni: Ooh, this is great! Best of of luck! (ARARAR I wish I could be there but I live at the edge of the world, con season doesn't really happen here much.)
@jocosejoni: Heeey!!! And oh, if you finished it it would be cool if you uploaded it here! :O I was keeping up with its tumblr for some time but it never was a platform I could stick with.

And I've had my ups and downs! Going back to working on my webcomics regularly again so it's super nice to see some familiar faces. We're all still kickin'~ 8)