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Drawing comics about disabled people and their friends. Some of them are cops.
D'awww, the big panel is so adorable - it does feel like a safe place.
Really curious who that he is, but it's good that Piet realises it.
Their faces ;A; Also such nice lighting!!
This was really adorable! Such a positive twist on a bunch of sad themes. I enjoyed it a lot. :)
Hahah, this is perfect! :D
Haha, way to barge in on the DREAM TEAM. But this had to happen sooner or later! And hello there, Pikachu toy in the corner. :D
A wee babby dragon! 8D

And I like how the tophat is still hanging on.
@eishiya: Ah, right. XD Feedback on one boob and Careers on the other make her like some Greek/Roman goddess. :D
@Glueckskeks: I like the way you're thinking (with high-fives)! :D
Best of luck and good to hear from you (I was getting a bit worried)! I'm in a similar situation - I update whenever I can because work gets in the way, and when I get sick I end up having to catch up on work before I can do much with comics... So it's very much understandable (at least for me).

A page whenever it happens is better than no page in my book! :)
February 21st, 2018
I'm so happy you're happy! And really I'm just happy - I kept meaning to read your comic for a while but really old chapters often feel a bit "hmm, gotta sit down and power through this to get to the good parts" (and I mean more writing than art, though your art grew so much as well) and this way I had a great time reading this and already feel hooked.

I'll be waiting for March 26th then! :D
February 21st, 2018

But seriously, I could stare at this for ages (which is good, I can do that during the mid-chapter break and all). 8) So far I see that skows like to hang in parks... Those poor animals, looking for the greener parts among all the urban stuff, I can relate! And revenants pop up in housing areas, which adds up with what we've seen in the story so far. I mean there's only a fine line between a weird recluse next door and a revenant so I bet neighbours find out too late (and in some cases it serves them right I guess).
I propose Cecilia and Darla just climb on top of the table and WRESTLE LIKE REAL WOMEN already. :U

And gah, I get so emotional when you update. I with we both could do it more regularly but I also wonder if part of the hype would be gone if it was a weekly thing... Naaah, I'm glad to see comics I like any time. <3
Coming from another dude who doesn't exactly always show up when needed...

And yeah, heavy chapters are both rewarding and well, heavy. Also THINGS COMING TO CONCLUSIONS AAAAH (not something I experience much in my comic yet) D:

Also I love how you use thee woods to frame stuff in one way or another in this chapter.
February 20th, 2018
Oooh, classy ghost effect!
Well, educated Victorian women were required to be able to balance a stack of books on their heads so fair enough I guess... XD


I hope Robert will keep some magical abilities (...or at least erm, experience?) from this chapter. :D
I like how it's a BIG EXCITING MOMENT but they still look so tired and worn out. I dunno if it's a weird thing to appreciate but it just makes a difference for me. <3
It's not tough to read and oh gosh, that's a worse family heirloom curse than I expected!!

Will Robert be a crystal golem from now on?
February 18th, 2018
Would you mind adding 'animal violence' or something similar to the tags? Your existing tags don't quite cover that, and it's a sensitive subject for some readers.