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Drawing comics about disabled people and their friends. Some of them are cops.
July 23rd, 2019
@eishiya: I admit, those words weren't meant to be together...
This is my summer so far. XD
The light is off but somebody's home. :O Not sure it means anything good though! Aaah your pages are always a treat. :)
July 23rd, 2019
I have a feeling I've seen that before - oh wait, I have... :P Blair would be a walking malpractice suit if he wasn't a hobby doctor.
@super-chii: Will do! :) I was going back and forth between digital and traditional for a while and I have mixed feelings about it all but that's how art is, isn't it... I enjoy working traditionally way more but I'm also used to all the shortcuts and tweaks digital allows so yeah, it's going to take more experimenting and planning.
Bless these idealistic kiddos. <3 Can't wait to see how their story goes further!
Congratulations!! And I love this comic so far. <3
Toplessness: the number one reason of rib injuries. XD
Official acceptance from Simon! :D
The first panel is such relatable content. :c
These panels sound like morning, like I can hear all the morning countryside sounds looking at them. :)
This is such an intense page but the contrast between Margot's and Simon's expressions is hilarious. XD
Poor fellow. ;A; And eee, I love those colour pencil skies!
I'm not sure who's the current copyright holder of A Roadside Picnic but I think I've seen small press comics using the term stalker for loose post-apocalyptic worlds so it probably would be okay. But it's also nice to see a term that isn't entirely clear at first precisely because it isn't used that often.
He totally ate a cat before. 8I
Oh gosh, you're inspiring me to try making traditionally coloured comics again. <3 I had a brief go at it and struggled at combining my favourite traditional media with the way I'm used to work with comics but you make me think I should try harder and look for new ways! :D
Awh, this is cute like it came out of a Nintendo farming game! <3

And yeah, I got that "women have a harder time with backgrounds" spiel from multiple people including my parents and I hate that. I know that people saying it usually don't even see it as sexist but it bloody well is.
I just got here and I'm already excited! :D
This is so awkward and hilarious I can't handle it! XD Pure Loud Era. <3
@mitchellbravo: I WAS wondering if that would be bad news or needing the bed but... IT COULD BE BOTH, RIGHT? (That would be just cruel.)