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Drawing comics about disabled people and their friends. Some of them are cops.
Ahaha, oh those 90s direct-to-VHS movies... And there was no (easily accessible) Internet to look stuff up so you looked at covers at the shop and hoped for the best. These covers made me laugh so hard!

Just go with Baby Cop, Gideon, the ice cream should help you get through it... (But no, I'm secretly hoping him to find a VHS about a dog playing basketball or something.)
Kids. Always messing up plans of adults. :P
October 11th, 2018
Raaaain <3 I mean I both love rain in general and I love how you drew this rain here!

And haha, I see that poster with a very adorable dog saying THIS IS NOT A DOG... There are so many different (and quick) ways I would die in BD world. XP
September 20th, 2018
There's always someone leaving no room for someone bigger and stronger. :c Also I'm trying to read what the t-shirt says and failing! "My MP- something something" :D
I got that today but JUST CLEANING THE DESK I DRAW ON. :C
@Falconer: Wow, I never even heard of it! Gotta check it out. I'm really feeling the lack of Animal Crossing on Switch (even with Stardew Valley) but least we'll have Pokemon soon, it's not the same but eats just much time.
September 10th, 2018
Yeaaah, I definitely see the challenge! D:
Oooh whatcha playing? That sounds fun (and looks like a Switch game)! :O
Yeaaah, email on phone is just a mistake (and yet I have it too). B|
September 6th, 2018
This is so sad. ;A;

Also I'm not going to spam the comment section with my nightmares but last night was ...similar. >_>
An elderly pug did the same with me today and his (equally elderly) human was so chill and all "you can pet him! no rush!" XD
Rats take the same antibiotics as dogs only in different doses. And you can't buy smaller pills so you grind the ones sold for dogs and mix them with various foods and I used to think it was somehow EASIER with dogs.... D: Larger mouths, larger bowls of food. NOPE???
Hah, I love how different their reactions are!
I bet Chris the kid would love to hear that but I'm not sure it means anything to Chris where she is now. :c
That is the most menacing darkness instead of furrowed brows I have ever seen. I AM SCARED OF WHATEVER LURKS IN THERE D:
September 6th, 2018
@snailoiler: Take care of of your health first. Be kind to yourself. <3

I'm in a similar situation and this sucks but what can we do... Just keep hanging on, making pages from time to time.
I believe in Hero!
I love how peaceful yet sad/tired these pages are, they just have this feeling all over them. "We're safe but all is not well."

It's good to have these moments in stories, maybe because there are too many of them in life.