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Your characters are gorgeous!
I read your "going on hiatus" comment and freaked! So excited for the next page! :D
Well good luck with the story development and your new comic! I personally love your style of art, and I hope you continue to draw. I'll keep a look out for your future works! :)
December 24th, 2013
Their faces! Lol their cuteness senses are tingling...
eeee! You answered my question with a page! *honored* I'm a HUGE Beatles fan...
Love the title of this chapter! I really love reading your comic, the tense love story is really cute, and the alternation is awesome. I played cello for three years, this isn't a bad rendition at all! Just a little on the skinny side, since cellos are usually more spacious than say violins are.
I love what you've been doing with the comic. It's really interesting and engaging, and I love the characters, especially Vanilla because YUM.
I. am. in. love. with. this. cover. Absolutely gorgeous!
I love this page! I've recently become obsessed with Breaking Bad. OMG
"They were right. I can actually feel the manliness radiating off your body."
Love this page. The shrapnel is amazing, it's like reading your comic 3D. :)
Incredibly sophisticated art. I like that the style is truly reminiscent of the comic book era. Alberto is fantastic. Interested to see how the story develops...
I loved your comic! I still remember the day I finally took a chance and clicked on it. The journey has been a pleasure to take along with you. I applaud your work and for finishing it! Not many artists can claim that. :)
Love your style! I don't know who to ship Lynn with, Jacob or the white haired guy (not sure if that's Scott or not)... so many good looking choices! ;)
This is too cute! I would love to see some bios of the new characters, especially those on this page. If maybe the fantastic authors have some time? :)
OMG. What a mistake on my part! I am terrible at remembering characters' names. The misnomer was due to my poor memory and the fact that Kurtz is a character from a book I read for school, Heart of Darkness. Herz is definitely the opposite of the character, a Belgian who wanted to be a god among the natives in the African Congo during the height of the ivory trade. The only similarity is the blond hair/European look I suppose. Sorry for the mix up, I knew this would happen some day! ;)
Superb as always. Minty always gives sly answers on the fly. *My hero.*
Not at all! Your art is still original though some facets may be drawn from other artists. It's cool to see concept morph when they are personalized. :) Digging the galaxy-esque ectoplasm of Kurtz's body. Very nice!
April 8th, 2013
FINALLY. The moment of truth!
Woohee, that's one way to defend your man!