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This comic doesn't just break the fourth wall, it Hulk Smashes it!
Probably playing texas holdem'
Ever taken a Choice band Adamant Sun-Boosted STAB V-Create to the face?
The pencil coloring is awesome
Gen 4 had Defog, which as the name suggests, lifts fog
@Miles Hikari
Could be a waterfall leading to a lake
There's a huge improvement in your style, I especially like how you draw the feet and hands
"It's the Eye of the Tiger, it's the thrill of the fight"
It's pacing, if all the pages that have been finished till now were uploaded all at once we'd probably get completely flooded.
Also hitting "Burnout" is a problem, any comic artist must pace himself so they don't get overwhelmed by the tight deadlines. This happens to alot of people, not just comic artist, The Nostalgia Critic hit it at some point because he had to watch multiple movies, write jokes about them, and create a fully-edited funny video all in a single week.
Pacing is very important as it allows the creator to remain sane and avoid page upload delays, all-the-while keeping the reader hyped waiting for the next page
@wolfpup166: Pharaoh Man Ninja'd You
You can really see the sense of brotherhood between those two,
this is my favorite comic from smackjeeves, thank you for such a great comic.
Its Skuntank!
I Knew it!
Im betting its a skuntank
The shadowy figure behind zubat and koffing.... Who's That Pokemon?
Do what you feel is best, simple as a bidoof or complex as a rubix cube
People do that too much, its almost disrespectful to your tongue and mouth
@Ginchiyo: a kick to the shin is always painful
Steel type Eevee? My body is ready!
Oh man, Flashbacks from Xatu Ghetsis are coming.