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Yes! The Lumis Altar is up to its first official chapter! I know updates have been slow, but I hope to be a little more productive now that I have a studio. Bear with me!
That's it for the prologue of The Lumis Altar!
Stay tuned for Chapter 1!
Sorry for the delay!!
Oh wow! Sorry I've been taking so long to update! My plan is to update biweekly from this point forward. Maybe someday soon I'll make it even more regular. Please look forward to more Lumis Altar!
Enter Markus!
(AN: I'm using this comic as my senior project in school. My professor suggested I use my own handwriting instead of a font, so I'm taking the advice and seeing how it works out for now.)
@Maracate: Thank you xD This is the first bit of feedback I've gotten, so I really appreciate it. ^^