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i like stuff
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Is that a rat or mouse next to the green containers in 2nd to last pannel
One does not simply. . .
I actually expexted the meme sooner or later.
"what up D'" I love keno
I expected Murphey to walk across, but one thing how would the Murphey corpses on top of the bridge die?
OMG!!! His sad expression is so f*cking cute!!
Deadly puzzles are the best kind of puzzles!
Yeah i noticed Murphey looks a lil' bit chubbier :/
Haha! Assbutt, I'm using that one now!
Oh my god! Keno's face is priceless on the third pannel!
Wow Mc J. is still at it? Why am I not surprised?
Also Keno and Murphey are the cutest together!
Wait so does murphy actually live on the buss? or is that just an assumption Keno made?
God I love these last three strips the most so far!
I hope this isn't the end of "Lap Dance"
I just totally imagined Neko saying that all NWA-like! :D
Keno probably wont want to take that thing off any time soon. even if it falls off he'll probably put it back on again:3
Well at least Neko's being honest about his lie.