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I'am a kid who likes to draw pokemon, dbz characters and robots. I first saw smackjeeves when i was bored and felt i could use some entertainment. I like to read comics especially the new Nuzlocke and digimon ones. i took inspiration from many nuzlockers and made my own first comic: "suraj's pokemon firered nuzlocke". I plan on making more comics after the comic is complete and i hopefully get some readers.
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"no wraths were felt that day" made me lol
omg lol, i think its easier to draw this than drawing a bike. tell me the truth, is that the reason -.- ?
oh shyt, i understand the feeling. i also can't ride a bicycle in real life and i got one on my birthday -_- poor Tyton.
maybe that's why Tyton doesn't want a bike. He'll definately take it after he gets to know it's free stuff anyways -.-
Scared the CRAP outta me when i just read " oh god END ". got relieved when i saw " end part eleven " :P
@GrovyleGoodbye128: Oh yeah! i remember now! i wonder how i forgot petty's Leaf Green run, it was the first one i read. her LG run and haunshaul's emerald run were the ones that made me start my own nuzlocke
Don't tell me Gerald is gonna get replaced :/ well its ur choice, oddishes work good in emerald. BTW that YEAAAAH seems familiar hmm...
Happy birthday! and BTW whats ultra rank?
Actually when someone says that "it cant get worse", it actually does( even in real life :P )
foe old guy used lick, its SUPER EFFECTIVE!
atleast you updated and ur still ok
as long as the comic is still there, it doesnt matter how long it takes to update.
btw dont take it as a stressful chore. nuzlocking is for fun
i remember when i also got lured by free stuff -.-