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I am RaeRae, a comic artist that enjoy dark fantasy, horror, steampunk, reading, various arts, and video games.
@Mouse Depends on what kind of spoiler, haha. :) Though if it's just for this chapter, has the whole thing.
Haha. You can actually read ahead at if you're really anxious to see what happens! I'm trying to get this mirror caught up eventually, but it takes a while.
I really must say this is one of my favorite pages.
And enter the Paladin Sakarius.
Poor Raz. Oh, new vote incentive is up! Click here to vote!.
Oh, nice. Glad you found it on SJ and thank you very much for supporting the comic at Ohayocon <3
If you're in America, I hope you have a nice Memorial Day! It's my first day off in weeks, so I'm going to enjoy it.
He can hear you
Poor poor Raz
Back to Raisin
Razin's learning some new tricks.
And thus concludes Chapter 3! About time to get back to Razin, don't you think?
Personally, I'd leave him like that.
Serus, you look...different.
Sorry for the spamming of pages, SJ wouldn't let me insert a page I missed nice and neatly between old ones.
Ahaha, hello missing page
Man, this is wordy.
Haha, thanks. He's one of my favorite side characters.
Such Distrust
Corin's onto you. O:

...I really like how the middle panel turned out.
Back to the castle
For some reason I love drawing Corin, the black haired captain of the guard. <3
Serus, you're like a cactus. Prickly on the outsize and mushy on the inside.