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@Sir Naff: Don't help out people who've already fucked you over once, for one. There's also his position to consider. He was part of the scapegoated category for her regime. Trying to get into a safe place isn't something I can fault him for too badly... and the moment that didn't work, he turned, even when people in far less danger did not. The dude everyone's fawning over is relatively safe, and doesn't do shit. This dude was in danger from the word go, tried to find a place to shelter, and the moment that didn't work out, he spit on the only apparent way out he had left.
@Sir Naff: There's the thing, though. He was offered a chance back in, and he didn't take it. Whether spite, or finding what they wanted him to do too far even for him, or whatever else, he refused. And he CONTINUED to refuse, even through torture, deprivation, and mind control. Even if it's out of sheer stubbornness and spite, when you take "I'm not working for people who screwed me over," THAT far, it becomes a principle in and of itself.
Y'know, a murderous sociopath with principles is exactly what you need in this sort of situation.
Oh, he definitely is, Oly, but he still had the strongest moral center of any of his former co-workers, which... yeah.
Most likely, bait. She knows he's Young's nephew, and is hoping that can be used to trap him. I mean, she might have other reasons, but that's the most obvious.
In the eyes of the regime, he never was. That's how fascism operates.
Most of the people who might want to were killed in the early days, if not the lead-up, and of those remaining, they'd probably just be killed without accomplishing anything. We're looking at a fascist state here.
Either he was playing along to get her guard down and make his escape, or this is all a fantasy sequence. Possibly both.
He's STILL fucking with them.
Okay, when does she die? Or start experiencing setbacks? Or anything? I get enough rising fascism in real life, I prefer to see them lose in my fiction.
... She actually is being rational. That's a perfectly rational response to the situation, far moreso than your racist cruelty. You just center your own experience as rationality because you have no sense of empathy and are an arrogant ass.
It's... an interesting contrast we've got set up here. We come from Young, who is an asshole with few compunctions about murder, but has demonstrated a surprisingly strong moral character underneath that, to Bowden, who is almost unfailingly nice and uncomfortable with the killing, but doesn't seem to have anything resembling an actual moral compass that would suggest to him that what he's doing is, y'know, bad and "just doing my job" isn't an excuse.
Stick to your principles.
Once again: Young is an asshole, not a bad person.
... THIS is what a basically decent person does when confronted with a choice like this. Young may be an asshole, but he has the right idea here.
Ahh, the classic "Just Following Orders." The answer of a coward to why they participate in atrocity.
Oly... your optimism is charming.
Maybe it's just me, but I find it a bad sign that she's either actively lying or being fed disinformation?
This reminds me...
I'm still unhappy that Errol is evil. Mousegirls seem to be evil waaaay too much. It's doesn't exactly feel good to see your species and gender portrayed as villains in most things outside of Western children's cartoons.
@Terastrasza: This is... a pre-existing perma-preg-dragon character. Also, people kinda gain weight during pregnancy.

Also, as far as not being pregnant much longer.. wouldn't count on it? Not sure it still holds, but original ref sheet referenced having magic and being able to temporarily transform to not-apparently-pregnant, so it's more likely a setup for that, if anything.