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Well, first off, despite my avatar, I am male. I'm too cynical and too optimistic for my own good at the same time, though don't ask me how that works. I love the musical Wicked, the superhero Jean Grey, the show Buffy, and was until recently hosted on drunk duck.
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Hmm. This comic has really nice linework.
I'm a fan of his expression in the second to last panel, though.
Hey, I remember this! Mind you, the Ghost Buster I remember weren't exactly like this, but this has more blood and swearing, so it about evens out.
Hah! Found you on Smackjeeves!
Heh. I've actually thought about this.

This is a funny and well drawn comic. Good job! What do you use to ink?
Heh. Cute concept for a comic. It's pretty funny too...
Okay, this comic is officially the most adorable thing, ever.
Heh. I totally know people like that.
I'm back! Just wanted to say hi. And also, nice job on the rocketship. It's very angular.
Oooh, killer shading. I like the art style.

Also, it seems sobody doesn't quite grasp sarcasm...
I think monkiblade meant cute...

Anywho, the backgrounds are pretty nice. They suit your comic.
Uber-nice shading and the anatomy isn't half bad either. The name ofyour comic conjures up many intriguing ideas...
A Harvest Moon Fan comic? This is so freaking awesome!

Aw, those little legs are soooo cute!
This is good, but you have a bit of spill-over.
Neat comic. I think I'll fav it.
Whoa... textyness.
Poor Steve... he'll prolly get convicted too.
Oooh, cool... I wonder what it could be?