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@Centaur71: Why use your own resources when you can use someone else's?
What's the difference
So we now have a Federal agent turned cow thief. That wasn't a change of career, just a different specialty in the career.
I do not submit to steak, steak submits to me. And often.
Tug of War
Given the apparent similarity of weight between the two, I presume that it was surprise and inexperience that caused this result. Funny though.
@Centaur71: Puns are the lowest form of humor if you didn't think of them first
@DarkwingDork: Yes, in a lightning storm you do not want to be the tallest object around or else you will no longer be the tallest object around. I doubt that there are any valleys that will not flood in a rainstorm even if that storm is "upstream" of the valley unless the ground is so dry and absorbent that no rain reaches the valley. The high ground is dangerous and so is the valley. It is best to fins a spot away from both, preferably away from where lightning will likely strike.
Valley Water
A valley is the LAST place you want to be when it rains. This may seem like a dry thunderstorm, but what it you are wrong? In the valley, you are going to get flash floods. Flash floods come with little or no warning. Plus, it may not rain where you are but it could "upstream" of you and the flash flood will have even less warning. Someone does not know much about how weather works. Especially rain. I would expect this from the unexperienced but a ranch hand who seemingly has lived there for her whole life? ERROR!!
Follow me
Well, he did get the bull to come with him. Just not as he hoped.
Meat, it's whats for dinner
@vangard: If you go to the original Greek myths, centaurs are omnivores who eat just as humans do, just more of it.
Back Story
The thick plottens. Feuds lasting over a couple of centuries? What, are these people Scottish?
@Salen: Horses and other animals have hooves, people have feet. Aren't centaurs people?
"Something bad is happening. I suspect who is doing it and I am going to prove it is them." Recipe for disaster - or comic fun, depending on where you are.
@DarkwingDork: True that. But I like how DWD is constantly presented as innocent and naive. His efforts to get comfortable at the conference table were priceless.
I hope DWD is kidding, but I doubt it. He has been shown as naïve the entire comic. And being from the Midwest does not insulate one from modern life.
Power to the Centaurs
Are they going to take a power generator along? For when all those beautiful pieces of technology run out of juice? Dead batteries make all those useful devices just dead weight.
Any bets her bedroom looks nothing like either of those accommodations for guests?
TSA would make them take the horseshoes off before allowing them to board a plane.
@Midday-Mew: He has four legs and two arms, but he is using his arms to balance himself as he gets out of the van.
@PJSam: I had forgotten about them, but now that you remind me - I believe that they were transformed at the same time. Although the one transformed person getting comforted a while back (I forget the specific comic page) could show others getting transformed later.
New transitions
@PJSam: I read this comic from the start and I got the impression that there was a mass transformation and then nothing past that.