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@DarkwingDork: True that. But I like how DWD is constantly presented as innocent and naive. His efforts to get comfortable at the conference table were priceless.
I hope DWD is kidding, but I doubt it. He has been shown as naïve the entire comic. And being from the Midwest does not insulate one from modern life.
Power to the Centaurs
Are they going to take a power generator along? For when all those beautiful pieces of technology run out of juice? Dead batteries make all those useful devices just dead weight.
Any bets her bedroom looks nothing like either of those accommodations for guests?
TSA would make them take the horseshoes off before allowing them to board a plane.
@Midday-Mew: He has four legs and two arms, but he is using his arms to balance himself as he gets out of the van.
@PJSam: I had forgotten about them, but now that you remind me - I believe that they were transformed at the same time. Although the one transformed person getting comforted a while back (I forget the specific comic page) could show others getting transformed later.
New transitions
@PJSam: I read this comic from the start and I got the impression that there was a mass transformation and then nothing past that.
Buy a clue someone?
The boss man seems to barely have a clue. Much like most bosses I have worked with.
At just over six feet in height, I often am asked to reach higher shelves. I don't mind, I like ot be helpful.

When dealing with electronics that needs to work, I often find threatening its grandchildren helps.

Electronics is great, until it isn't.
Transition again
@Guest: Yes, vehicles can be modified. It will take time. How much time will depend upon how much of the population got changed and if the change carries over through generations.
@DarkwingDork: And it can be so much fun to look at, not to live, but look at.
I had a thought last night. Centaurs are going to be limited to local travel for quite a while. Flying somewhere? What airline could take them? Train? Not unless a cattle car. Bus? No way. Car or pickup truck? Maybe a pickup if you can ride in the truck bed with no protection. A centaur is limited to horse trailers and similar travel arrangements.
And bathrooms? Showers are going to be from a hose in the backyard unless bathtubs are heavily strengthened.
And so forth. A lot of ways to continue this comic to show the hassles of being "changed" and perhaps a lot of comic ideas as well.
@DarkwingDork: Ah, I see. Most of my working life is in the military; so, what's a Monday was, for me, a valid question.
Work related
In Panel 3, if the bags were in hand instead of on his "back", it looks like he could fit through the doorway.
In Panel 4, are his co-workers annoyed at his being so cheerful or at his being a centaur? If the former, too bad. If the latter, problems ahead for them.
Accidental Centaurs was a great comic. I loved it but when it went on hiatus for so long, I quit.
Dragon Cartoon
@Zophah: I am old enough to remember a cartoon in DRAGON magazine where the DM stated: Table 7, pay attention. I want to complete a round of combat tonight.
@Midday Mew: Contrary to popular belief, centaurs are not horses. There is probably enough difference in the physiology that the sleeping pattern could be different. Besides, this probably makes a better story.
Professional Wrestling
The track owner seemed to have the idea of having centaur racing on a level of professional wrestling and Cubist is going for the high road.

Novelty will ensure huge crowds for a while. After the novelty wears off, this might be a bad idea and pro wrestling style might be a longer money-maker.

Professional centaur races could revive horse racing or kill it. There are too many ways that this idea could go and only a few of them are beneficial for the centaurs in the long run.
Worse than PETA
It is worse than PETA; it is LAWYERS!!!