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Captain Apricot
Don't shut down Justin!
I rarely comment, but read every update and was a huge fan of BettenCourt Hotel. I figured this scene was coming, and I am still in a state of WOW. Y'alls work always keeps me hooked.
The soup is alive! Great chapter cover.
I assume Patrick let it go as far as it did, to prove a point to Romain.
Happy Holidays! This chapter was fantastic. The dragon dildo really pulled it all together.
Thank you for talking about Net Neutrality. So many people have been writing letters, sending emails, and calling US representatives for all kinds of reasons recently including this one. Even if our representatives don't want to listen to all their constituents, we still need to make our voices heard. <3
Oh Arrow, so spicy!
Show him who's the boss here!
The blue on the socks is missing.
I know this scene is just going to get worse.
Of course he did. Using an old lady as a in.
He is also intimidating because he is nice!
Your story is wonderful and I will definitely be sticking around for ch 2.
Your comic is wonderful, the story is fantastic and it keep me guessing about what will happen. It was kinda sad when Raskin died, even if he didn't save Taavi originally.
Love Essie laying down a life story. It is just as touching as the jokes.
TEAM Ice Cream and Cuddling!
Curious about pant size??? Always good to know for future reference...
That is horrible news about your mother. Hopefully everything goes well.
Thank you for continuing to write such a great story.
Arrow looks so anxious.
Wow I love how beautiful this page turned out. Fantastic scenes. Bailey hopefully your allergies won't destroy you later.
Beautiful Banner. Moving is a pain, hope the transition goes smoothly.