Captain Apricot
Peaches kinda looked like Jesus before.... He is getting his life together?...
Aw these boys.
@Dafodillion: This could be a really interesting reason for his reaction. I also think he doesn't fully trust Wes just yet either since he has not worked for him that long yet.
Love this story. Take your time, we all have other commitments.
Just waiting for Kimrick to show up and see this nonsense.
Oh my gosh, Dakota's hair! He looks adorable and sleepy.
Their dynamic is hot. Those lines are so smooth, "I'm pretty wimpy". Lol
I just want to braid his hair, put in cute side braids. Carl is just so adorable.
I like the contrast between the brothers.
Dasaf does not really resemble an Arabian pirate, more an Arabian knight. Heyy

Here is the one pirate romance I read forever ago, it was from the 80s.

Love your bunny! Too cute and that craftsmanship.
Romance novels always confuse me because I think we are at the sex, but apparently other magical things occur with blossoming flowers. I never know what is sex and what is a woman just staring at a man lustfully.

Go Dot!
@boomsaint: To rest, because he is a gentleman.
Oh Maura, you have the best lines. About time there was another awesome lady in the house.
Obviously children's pain meds. Knock him out with drugs and tenderness.
@WandaWalker: Ooo a Patreon for your writing. I am enticed, I adore your written works. However, I can not believe you just gave the whole plot away!!!

I had been wondering when (not if) you were going to write another story, spin another tale.

Love Teo.
Teo strikes fear into the hearts of people who can't handle the fierce sexy fire he exudes.
Is that trust I sense?