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Captain Apricot
He is also intimidating because he is nice!
Your story is wonderful and I will definitely be sticking around for ch 2.
Your comic is wonderful, the story is fantastic and it keep me guessing about what will happen. It was kinda sad when Raskin died, even if he didn't save Taavi originally.
Love Essie laying down a life story. It is just as touching as the jokes.
TEAM Ice Cream and Cuddling!
Curious about pant size??? Always good to know for future reference...
That is horrible news about your mother. Hopefully everything goes well.
Thank you for continuing to write such a great story.
Arrow looks so anxious.
Wow I love how beautiful this page turned out. Fantastic scenes. Bailey hopefully your allergies won't destroy you later.
Beautiful Banner. Moving is a pain, hope the transition goes smoothly.
Kennedy stop sitting in the snow like that, it will get your pants all wet. Plus you need to talk to Dakota.
Love ya, Peaches.
Peaches kinda looked like Jesus before.... He is getting his life together?...
Aw these boys.
@Dafodillion: This could be a really interesting reason for his reaction. I also think he doesn't fully trust Wes just yet either since he has not worked for him that long yet.
Love this story. Take your time, we all have other commitments.
Just waiting for Kimrick to show up and see this nonsense.
Oh my gosh, Dakota's hair! He looks adorable and sleepy.