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Captain Apricot
Josh makes the face that I do when I see a hawt dude at the gym. Just tell yourself the heart palpitations are from running or cardio...
Damn you blow me away with characters in motion. I love dynamic Essie.
Dasaf seems to understand the priorities of high school football player life. Keep up grades, make-out behind bleachers, maybe play football.
Even though you dislike drawing backgrounds, you do a very good job.
Wow, great image!
Sounds like rural Texas. I am pretty sure I have driven by countless homes that share similar features.
Justin looks like a nerdy vixen in panel 3. Khaki pants will fix that. :D
2.5% sounds like a sad Utah beer.
Gun. I will vote against chaos for once.
The realistic style looks good.
It finally happened!!!!
That toothy grin is adorable.
He knows that he is gonna rock your world. Such a confident stare.
Hope your hand gets better soon. Hand injuries suck.

Evan, you started this by coming here. What are you trying to achieve?
What else has CSI taught you TJ?

Enjoying the yellow highlight for this chapter.
@WandaWalker: It's part of a good breakfast.
Don't shut down Justin!
I rarely comment, but read every update and was a huge fan of BettenCourt Hotel. I figured this scene was coming, and I am still in a state of WOW. Y'alls work always keeps me hooked.
The soup is alive! Great chapter cover.