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Captain Apricot
Is that Essie in the background?
Maybe this is an odd time to comment this, but I love Gun's hair in these scenes.

I also appreciate Gun and Blade finally acting on their feelings.
Gun does have a gorgeous nose.
And here I was thinking it would be TJ or Thad.... Go get him Essie!
@WandaWalker: Those gorgeous shoulders were the first thing that caught my eye!
Oh shit just got super real!
Did we lose Thad?! Where did he run off? Guess he couldn't handle the action.
Teo could set the house on fire with that kinda burn. What a beautiful savage queen. Sigh
I have been following your comic for many years with only a comment here or there, and every page has been beautiful and the story tugs at my heartstrings.

I figured Rumple was the same fair she knew as a child, but could not figure out the connection until your great reveal! Now Toby is back at the farm! Eee!
Voting off people is getting harder now since the tool was voted off. I can never decide if the naughty or less animated person should be voted off.

I love the vote pic! The extra game was fantastic. It is so hard to decide who to kill. I adore them all!
I appreciate that the first and only phrase they learn isn't a greeting.
Miguel and Dots faces in panel three are fantastic. They seem to forget who they are dealing with.
Bullet is so strong! Happy New Year!
You always do such great work with facial expressions.
Teo, The Queen
Teo is always the queen and of course he would play the spicy character.
I love that you promoted voting and black history!
Happy Birthday! Enjoy the Murder Mystery costume party!
She just needs more practice. And wtf is Kasha doing in the corner! Get out of here.
Josh makes the face that I do when I see a hawt dude at the gym. Just tell yourself the heart palpitations are from running or cardio...
Damn you blow me away with characters in motion. I love dynamic Essie.