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Captain Apricot
But if she found you flirting with a man, she would be cool with marriage?
Thank you so much for sharing your comic and such a beautiful world with us. It is a wonderful story and you ended it in a heartwarming bittersweet way.
At least he won't have an ego about being handsome
I think I may have 'awwwwwww' too hard at how cute they are.
How do you pick between those type of lovers?! Probably the Marchessa de Bois because of her lovely laugh and soft face. The Viscount is probably easy to tease and enrage.
What a handsome dandy!It's smart of him to consider the financial implications of marriage.
Hope you had a great birthday! Self care is important. Take your time.
I have been reading this comic since you first started posting, waiting is not an issue when you post such beautiful art and story.
Captain Apricot
September 10th, 2019
Aphy, tell me more about your world. I love the blush on Sugar.
Cupcake plush robe! And he smells like apple pie! Too sweet.
Holy cow, that is a landslide.
Beautiful scene.
You are really good at not drawing dicks.
I love everything about this page. The art, sarcasm, and love. I can practically hear Peaches heavy laughter in that last panel.
All he can think is he must have worked at a joint like Studio 54 with shirtless bartenders. HAHA. Dakota needs to get out more.
So many votes for Arrow... However I pick Gun for the fact that Fausto being cursed would be interesting. A good mix of high seas pirate adventure and mystical magic. Plus I like Gun's POV. Keep up the fantastic work Astra!

Vote 1 for Gun.
Essie is gorgeous. Something special about biceps and miniskirts.
Maybe a different font? Something more thick, bold, and a sexy swoop for "Hey".
They are so cute together! The blushing flushed faces and smiles for miles.
Essie would probably make a great Football coach. Less likely to fuss-up a manicure yelling instructions and working on team building. Maybe throw is some Jesus.
Essie's hair is fabulous! Especially in panel 2.
No Christmas or Thanksgiving are really complete without candied sweet potatoes/yams.
Having Christmas dinner at a bar, and feeding the homeless. My kinda lady.

Is Peaches missing his beard in the last panel?