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Die,please. I cannot name how many things are wrong with this comic.
Darn it E-man!Doopliss's maximum attack from sheet slam is WAY under 18 AND so is the shell slam,even IF it's x5 that's less then 75 hp. God,be more realistic,and,would it kill 'ya to let one of the main characters loose.
Gosh,i'm going to consider a 44 hp draing attack from a 37 hp guy to be godmodding,'specially since it only took 10 FP.
You know...when I was trying to guss his name I got so frusturated I randomly blurted out Poopless,which was incredibly close to his real name.But,a letter was missing,stupid guy stole it.
(Sigh) Gold, Miles won't be around much longer, because I've played the part of a loyal guard, long enough.
(My reply)
Mind you that this comic, like other grand ones, is SCRIPTED. If, in the script, it says Miles is murdered by Zack's hands it shall be made a comic of. If not, Miles is going to be breathing air (alive) for some time more. How long? I wouldn't have that knowledge. Heck, he might live through the whole thing.
And this...
Is why I take pleasure in my reading of this comic. It has an astoundingly creative plot. Really, I think it difficult to think of this comic negatively. I enjoy the strips with Miles in them as well, they always have some great writing as Miles seems to talk in a "literate" way. This is the strip, in my opinion, that tops the rest. I love comics with a deceitful character, they suffer some losses without one. (No, not death, silly.)So, overall, yay! 5 stars go to you and your comic.
This is a little less then I was expectinbg for 300 comics. I would use your greatest spriting skills on this,as not many comics I see get to the 300 mark easy.
This really pisses me off. This guy,Demon saint,is incredibly powerfull and I doubt one Naruto Jutsu would make him vanish like that.Please don't make it seem like your invincable.
Gonna read this Red?
Probably not, however I feel like letting out my stress, opposed to devouring it until I’m bloated.
Aright then, 1.Ray is, indeed MUCH better at spriting then anyone I’ve come to be acquainted to. However he is, as some call it, a god modder. I honestly don't like him as much as I should, but everyone has 'enimies', correct?
2. Using labels now, are you? If you 'label' us as n00bs I don't give much of a care, but I DO find it immature how you take the heggies/echidnas and bundle every author together then you refer to them as n00bs.
3. Have you ever even seen any of my comics? Or started up a discussion with me? I doubt it. So, with you being quite clueless of my personality/skills, why do you say I’m an n00b?
4. Keep in mind that, some authors here are under 13.Glandor is 10 (I believe) and K.T. is 9.I myself am 11 so, you really can't expect us to be as literate as you might want.
That is all.
((Whew, I feel relived now.))
You brought out the personality I was aiaming for~!
I didn't really intend for Maya to be bold like that...rather...shy and bashfull was my aim.But,it's fine. they are.
This is Maya in a normal pose and the second is her healing shadow.