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"The Fuzz" 'Cause he's fuzzy and a cop. I get it. Haha!
I know that's his nose but my bad eyes saw that as an extremely tiny :D face.
@Rune Knight: Eye see what you did there (and so do the unown).
For a second I read the unown as pun instead of run...
Reference? Would that happen to be the Siamese cats from Lady and the Tramp?
@Xenos: Both potentially but mainly the migrants. I feel bad for our poor boarder patrol officers.
Meanwhile In Canada
We're just watching while laughing and laughing and preparing to shut down the boarders.
RIP Mimi
I also lost a Swoobat at the league during my own nuzlocke. His name was Thundercracker - TC for short. Am now getting flashbacks on top of this horror.
Did George just grow a devious mustache in that last panel?
Wait, isn't the Acro bike for tricks? The Mach bike is the fast one.
Very beautiful!
I would've guessed it had some Seaking in there by the fins or something.
Any one else hoping he gets stabbed right now?
"Canadians are gloating" Yes, yes we are.
40 minutes? That's not too bad. It's when you have 20 minutes that's the problem.
So... who's the father?
That awkward moment when I reread this and realized I forgot that Ginkgo was a girl.
I can just picture Atty getting the magikarp then ignoring the magikarp until it evolves... Then freaking out.
Bad Pun Time
"That HAS to be some sort of innuendo."
DBZ abridged reference... At a bridge...
Well that's confusing. Is Lance there or not?