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5'7, black hair, greenish bluish eyes, tanned skin, and redneck gothic.
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Street Fighter
There should be a comic picture of Street Fighter Kitties. Of course Masiy would have to be the only female Street Fighter, but it would be so cute!
Thanks Vayne
Thanks Vayne for a minute there I was worried that Keno found another cute tux cat to have fun with.
Omgosh is Keno and Murphy not together anymore?!?!
Poor NtKGar/Funny Neko and all them
I am sorry you are not feeling well, but you are still awesome about the comics.
And Bummy the Squirrel has spot the lovely couple as Mr. Duck Shoes and his sidekick watch from afar. Mr. Duck Shoes away QUACK!
<.< Knowledge is power and Imagination is super powers...Keno is set for life! >.>
Kitteh Luv
Awww adorable Kittehs
He has returned from the Lunch Room, but will he come upon Gar and Jeff...The world will only have to wait...Look at those Lungs! Three Balls of Justice hehe LUNGS!!!
Murphy and Keno <3
Aww I love them both they are so sweet ^_^ So dang lovable. Then there is Maisy and Neko that have like a love hate relationship which is adorable. Advencha!
Poor Gar/though funny
Gar had to see all those unfamiliar dicks, but it was so funny to see his reaction.
I like it either way
I like it either way because Neko is sitting on the camera wanting people to pay attention to him because he is freaking adorable and Keno is in the yogurt cup running into walls. So with or without the camera bit it is still cute and funny.