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I live in west palm beach florida. i did comics for a while. umm..yep.
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    Isaac Estavien
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mirroring vague reflections
Ian reflects during a rainstorm
just put this out! trying to move this along as best and fast as i can. tried some hatching but it looks weird to me.. i dunno. busy busy..turns out whoever this girl is, she isn't as clever as she thought...?

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finally got this to make though. is it just the rabbit really?
@mraab: thanks lots!
@mappy41: i appreciate you reading!
His temper cooled off as quick as it flared up. He couldn't hold a grudge if he tried.
February 5th, 2015
what-wth? is yoshiro gonna die?
February 2nd, 2015
akechi should have someone special. She has been a through alot.
February 1st, 2015
@Killsoty: of course they are having their first kiss on a public bus immediately after beating the shit out of thugs. Thats true love, my friend. It is found in a floor full of beaten-up thugs who will soon be in jail for 10-25 years of their lives, never to see the light of day again.
@mraab: thanks dude, im glad you like it!
lol it was plastic and she still was scared XD
you cant go wrong with fireworks. chicks dig fireworks.
pretty fire works O.O.the mood is right.
so akechi didnt really go back in time? why would she go thru all of that?
boy does yoshiro feel like a big dummy. well, i do too...but how was i suppose to know?
EHHHHHH?! explain urself miyako! something doesnt add up!
bwa ha ha the litte runt!! but rly, i had no idea...i rly thought she was a undercover perv...shame on me..
slap!! chances are. wait...she likes that stuff..she is in indeed true to her scorpio sign. of course, i am speculating. ho ho ho!