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I have a story but I don't think I'm going to post it here since this is more so a comic site and I haven't been the best with making comics. However, I love the comics on here, mostly BL related, I know,but if the story is good, I'll like it otherwise :3
Also, I love JJBA, Adam Lambert, NateWantstoBattle, RoosterTeeth, MLP FIM, Dungeons and Dragons, and Role Playing.
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How in the world is he so calm with those abs just out like that?
October 25th, 2018
His face in the second panel, omg
October 10th, 2018
I've followed this comic since near the beginning and I've gotta say, this is such a sweet and perfect ending. I loved every minute of this!
its going to kill me, omg
Commandad is best dad
1. Michigan
2. DioJona, Life/Death, and. . .many many more honestly
3. Either Chris Hemsworth or Tom Hardy for Kim for sure. . .otherwise, not sure
@Annausagi2: Was thinking specifically Loke, but Ulrik's darn tall too XD
. . . I never knew how much taller he was than everyone. My goodness
Omg, kylee's face at the end.
I just started reading this story and I absolutely love it! You have very engaging characters and in truth, I think Louie is my favorite, theres a lot I hope to learn about him and he has a lot of depth it seems. I really love your art and the way you explain your story!
@yasha.queen: In the authors comments, they explain that Izaac used a power/spell that allows him to call upon anyone he so pleases. So he basically is forcing him to walk back and is why he's all shaky. He probably doesn't want to walk back.
Aww, I feel really bad for Hayden, thinking he has to hide behind closed eyes like that. And Mars. . .just. . .man, how could you
@lazy-lil-king: you comment killed me
Pretty certain I ship them the most. . .but I feel like I am in the minority.
I think its at this point that Bailey's brain has stopped functioning
Careful Gannet, you're gonna make the poor boy faint
Okay,. . .I wasn't shipping them. . .but this is too darn cute. . .who ever gets with him, gets with him
@yasha.queen: I'm with ya on that one!
Gannet was speaking of his brother being hotter than Bailey but like. . .look at him. . .look at that chest. Jesus fuck.

Also Gannet needs some breaking point tears and hugs right about now I think
Brynn's alarm system going off then XD "Send Help"