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@Guest: That's not quite how I saw it? I see her as a character with potential to have the ability to break out of her shell (similar to Yessi). Of course she's stressed, she clearly has PTSD. The fact she's gotten this far shows she has a strong-will. Plus, it's a newer idea for SWSU to write. I don't believe there's been a character quite like Ria in SFC. She has created good bonds with people and despite being forced to play the game (she didn't apply), she hasn't given up and is doing well to create social bonds and play the game.
To be honest I don't want this alliance to have any success. Wayyy too much positivity.

From what I can tell, a lot of the complaining is that there has been a lot of buildup to backstories with little reveals. And while that's mostly true (ET's reveal was good), there's still another half of the season to go. There's still plenty of time to develop the ducks, Frysk, Atlas, Kasai, and possibly more on Clarissa.

Rooting for Sagittaria to win this. Or Ria. I really love what they have delivered for the season.
My prediction is on Ernest. At this point I truly believe he had nothing left to offer as a character, and he was always going to lose the rivalry against Kasai. Plus, Frysk once again not making his own decision will cost Ernest the game
Everybody is just losing their mind this episode, huh?

It's interesting that this has happened to Ria of all people, the one who always talks about wanting to forget. I wonder though, how much did she and Atlas forget? And will they be able to regain the memories they lost?
What the actual f.

Are we actually going down this path? The alien who believes he is human, with an obsession with aliens. This is insane.

I still have doubts, I'm not sure what to believe. He could still be human for all we know, and SWSU is messing with us. What is E.T.?
The moment Atlas chose Team 1 I was 99% sure Team 1 would win.

I love how Shin is just awkwardly listening to Clarissa the whole challenge.

Sagittaria and Frysk working together is a bad idea.
I am 100% into this new alliance. Clarissa and Yessi working together? Hell yes.
Is it just me, or is seeing ET in the same sitting position on the two middle-left panels with completely different groups really humorous?

Shin's indecisiveness will lead to bad decisions and his downfall later on.

This page raises a few questions. Were some of the contestants forced into the game involuntarily? I originally believed the contestants all applied from different points in time. The way Frysk and Ria talked, it suggests that the Past tribe contained the applicants, but I'm fairly certain that's not true due to Nayla's actions. It explains why Frysk would have preferred to take the hit over Nolaa. Maybe I'm overthinking it, but I'm absolutely curious about the effects this had on the season.

Also, a missing paint bucket? I have a feeling that's more than just a throwaway line...
Yikes. Never start a grudge with Clarissa.
I'm glad E.T. has learned from his mistakes. I appreciate these two improving their faults by facing their situation head-on.
I like seeing Ernest subtly comforting Ria without drawing attention to himself. It shows he is a very selfless and caring person.
Woah... where do I begin.

I enjoyed a lot of the smaller jokes, especially Kasai, who appears to have been pretending to go insane.

Finally seeing and understanding the destruction Deimos is capable of, but there's no way in hell the tribe will not vote him out unless they are irrational, so... bye.

But holy hell, this challenge was dumb. It's street fighter brawls in a game in which there are severe medical consequences. It's incredibly lopsided to favor brawn. Kasai only got the upper-hand over Frysk out of dumb luck because the chaos caused a distraction. The reason the challenge exists is to serve as a plot device for half the cast. I can't see it as anything else. This will probably go down as the lowest point of the season in my sure-to-be unpopular opinion.

Also Frysk is awful.
I laughed out loud at that catfight. Two fearless warriors.
What? Don't waste your idol so early. You aren't even a target. I've got the feeling that Sagittaria will get more reckless as the game progresses.

I'll be surprised if this tribe doesn't lose the immunity challenge.
That type of anxiety could lead to Shin turning on a close ally out of sheer paranoia. He could end up being taken advantage of by someone like Clarissa, or even his future self.
Wow... that was quite the emotional turn of events.

I gotta say, I enjoyed Nayla throughout her experience even at her worst moments. I knew there were deeper motivations and frustrations beyond just being an early OTTN boot. However this climax was VERY rushed/crammed, with little buildup. An excellent moment, but not quite as satisfying as it could've been. I suppose it makes sense in a realistic way... she was denying her own feelings up until the very end, so even in confessionals she was sort of lying to herself. But from a story perspective, it leaves the reader wanting more, and this comic is not realistic in the slightest anyways.

Nayla leaves as one of my favorites of the season. With her departure, the past tribe is... eh. I don't care much for this tribe at all now, and I hope a swap is coming up soonish.
This was a very heartwarming moment. I'm glad ET and Nolaa made amends.

Unfortunately for ET, he's likely the next boot. I doubt Clarissa will be voted out with an idol in her pocket.
@DrMarble: I've always thought the nighttime strips were way too dark since around SFC15. I thought it was just me because I keep my screens fairly dim, but my phone is very bright right now, and I'm still having trouble.
Sure Sagittaria, shout it out so the whole tribe can hear.

Nayla's outburst is predictable yet entertaining. Now that Kitsunie is gone, she can start doing her own thing