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With Tialayla gone, I can say with 100% confidence that Bowser Jr. will be the winner of SFC16.

That is my prediction, and I am sticking to it.

Yeah, it's likely at this point that Sierra is a FTC loser, big time. I don't hate her, I think her character arc is an interesting one, and she's a very human character with a lot of emotion. However, she's terrible at the game.
I'm actually going to go against the majority opinion here. I believe Sierra is more likely to be the boot this episode. Her character arc is pretty much finished. She's gone through the entire season trying to get proof that Thorne cares about her. Now that she's finally got that evidence, she's got no development left. Plus, if Sierra is really a bigger threat according to what Thorne said, then she's the one who's going to be targeted.

I can't wait to see the shocked reactions when Sierra leaves.
I dunno about that Thorne. You don't seem emotionless to me. You're clearly expressing annoyance right now.
Hooray! Now Doris can develop as an independent character!

Also, nice reference to Damon's knot tying abilities. http://sfc.smackjeeves.com/comics/2007035/sfc13-day-16-all-tied-up/
Wait, tonight's the night that Were-Riley comes out? Is that true?

I still think one of the Staggs will be leaving.
Minority opinion here, but I'm really hoping one of the Staggs goes at tribal. One needs to go so that the other can develop further.
@StarlightNexus-Chan I have the webcomic in my favorites list, so I'm notified every time new pages are posted.

Also, I think you can directly reply to my comments by adding a @EJ122.
Thanks for the Smackjeeves mirror! I've followed a little on DA, but I often miss new pages there.
Tialayla is 100% justified here. It's not good to blow up on an ally, but Bradley kinda has it coming after that move. What Tialayla needs to do rather then rant is fight from the bottom... and she's good at that.

Tialayla and Riley are the best couple. <3
Yeah, I saw this one coming. Brandi had no story or character development left at this point.

I could go into detail about how much I love Brandi's redemption this season, but everybody else already has. She has really become an endearing character. Still dislike her SFC15 version though.

I'm very glad that Vinnie's alliance came out on top. The season would have become boring if the Staggs and Tialayla/Riley dominated. Now, more chaos and entertainment can resume.

And finally, Thorne and Sierra's relationship may finally be coming to a climax next episode. That is, if Sierra doesn't blindly trust her sister again.
This definitely isn't Junior's boot episode, but I'm very torn because we just had a rock draw last season. I'm pretty sure Bradley's alliance is supposed to take the hit here... if I had to guess, I'm going to predict that somebody's going to turn on Brandi, and try to get Damon to replace her in the alliance next round.
Shy Guy Says! I love all the references. I used to be really good at that minigame. Good times.
All of that hard-work just for spriting the background of one reward comic. That takes dedication.
Interesting, we're getting more personal development from Vinnie. I always like getting background info on these characters.

If and when Bowser Jr. decided he doesn't want to be taking orders anymore, Vinnie's the one who is going to get payback.
Unique challenge. I like it.

What's the joke behind the inconsistent naming of the poltergeist 3.1415s? It's hilarious, but I don't think I'm getting the joke.
Going Off-Topic for a moment...
I just wanted to mention that Nintendo announced a Superstar Saga remake at E3... How coincidental is that? Announced just a few days after SFC had an amazing comic about it. Can SWSU predict the future? lol
I like Brandi's approach to the game here. She's trying to support someone who's clearly struggling with a personal relationship, and yet is witholding information to benefit her game. Very well played.

If Brandi gets to the end with the right people, she's likely to win the jury vote. However, I don't think she'll get there considering that she's a threat moving forward.
@ChronoAlone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9o5_W6hn9k
I had to read the comments to notice Bowser Jr. In the last two panels. I never would have noticed him there on my own. He's being really clever.

Angelo always seemed liked he wouldn't go far in the game, so I'd say he's the boot.