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May 30th! That's 4 days before my birthday. This'll be a great birthday present.
Wow. Not only is the location a jump to sci-fi, the theme is too. This is going to be chaotic.

Glad to see this has made it back! I can imagine the backgrounds took much longer this time around.
Oh wow, Portal! Now I'm hyped up again. The locations just continue to impress.
The time between the Finale and now has only made me loathe Ollie even more.
Not gonna lie, this feels so contrived. I've expressed my displeasure about this before, so if Ollie does win, I'll just move on. I enjoyed the season overall, so thanks.
I cannot believe people actually expect Ollie to win. Not only would that single-handedly ruin the season, it makes zero sense whatsoever. He needed Jenny in order to even exist the way he is, was rude to most of the people on the jury, and did very little in the game strategically.
YES! This season has been saved! Best possible outcome.
Oh wow, I remember this! Welcome back! I'll have to reread the story, but this was one of my favorites at the time.
I don't have a good read on this season whatsoever. Every tribal council seems to surprise me with the boot.

I'm rooting for Jenny to win this. She's the only one left I really like.
As soon as I saw what the reward was, I knew Josh was going to win. Very obvious.

Lol at Amadeus causing trouble even while gone.
Bye Kade. He really has nothing left to offer for the season at this point.
WTF is DJ. That was the most random thing, Josh never mentioned anything about an abusive brother (unless I forgot).

I actually took the test along with them and managed to actually get every question right. The only tricky one was Kade though.

Also, <3 at Naomi returning again. I wonder if she was an attempt at creating a character who's highlight moments were after she was already voted out.
Hot damn! This is one of the best episodes in SFC history, and I don't say that just because of recency bias. The buildup and execution here was done masterfully.

As for edgic, I had caught on to Derek's flaws in his premerge edit and it wasn't until slightly into the merge that I considered him the frontrunner. I do feel foolish for going with the majority opinion now. Parmesan is now the frontrunner, with Jenny as a close second.

I loved Derek and it is sad to see him go.
Yeah, something weird's going on, and the writing in the sand is a clear hint. Something's going to happen at tribal... I still want to think that someone on the Four Arms alliance will catch on, but there's a very real possibility of a Derek blindsids here... never thought I'd say that.
That feel when Ollie's backstory is better than yours...

Sadly, I don't expect him to survive this next tribal. This is a great run for a supposed gimmick character.
OMFG that Two and a Half Men reference. That really caught me off guard.
I wasn't expecting Derek to be this good at lying. It seems their plan will go smoothly after all.
SFC production has quite the budget to have so many Pokemon as part of the game.
Mele's upside down confessional got a chuckle out of me.
The CutieCat experience has been a great one. She really did become one of my favorites this season, and she will be dearly missed.