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Figures. How fitting that the mafia Wartortle is the one to backstab the Medium from TOS.

Current Opinions:
Jahira (Love)
Raiza (Like)
Slash (Like)
Derek (Like)
Jenny (Like)
Quickscope (Like)
Lester (Like)
Josh (Like)
CeCe (Like)
Jeannie (Like)
Kade (Like)
Nezumi (Neutral)
Joy (Neutral)
Parmesan (Neutral)
Naomi (Neutral) (Eliminated)
Charity (Neutral) (Eliminated)
Tony (Neutral/Mixed)
Mele (Neutral)
Ollie (Dislike)
Amadeus (Hate)
The more I see Lester, the more I'm starting to like him. He's one of those overconfident fools that may somehow manage to survive vote after vote.

It'll probably be Naomi, who gets voted out. Maybe Lester.
You really put a cliffhanger on the Fini tribe, huh? It'll be a while before we see Amadeus have a meltdown.

Derek is strategizing, but could it be a case of too hard, too soon?
No need to give Tony a shovel, he's digging his own grave with his own paws.
@ChronoAlone: What is that referencing? I swear I recognize it, but I can't remember what it's from.
I'm definitely getting the sense that Naomi is the first boot from this tribe, especially now that she's trying to get an alliance with Lester.
The characters this season are revealing a lot of their secrets very early. It makes me wonder how much more there could possibly be.
Welcome back to SFC, Slash. There's no Mary here, so this should go 100x better.
I might be looking too much into it, but I'm trying to figure out who is talking in the last panel. Parmesan, somebody I can't see, or could it be the doll? Either way, there's something fishy about the doll, and I want to figure it out.

I'm starting to get the sense that Josh is sort of gag character who is disliked for seemingly no reason.
I'm not happy.
I'm not mad about this development, just unhappy. At least it was Charity that took the bullet, and that we don't have to see her persuade people with her "aroma."

Amadeus clearly has too many unfair advantages - enough that it's blatant cheating, and combining that with his horrible personality, he's already one of my least favorite SFC characters.

Jahira (Like)
Jenny (Like)
Derek (Like)
Quickscope (Like)
Raiza (Like)
CeCe (Like)
Tony (Like)
Derrick (Like)
Josh (Like)
Jeannie (Like)
Kade (Neutral)
Ollie (Neutral)
Lester (Neutral)
Parmesan (Neutral)
Nezumi (Neutral)
Naomi (Neutral)
Charity (Neutral)(Eliminated)
Joy (Neutral)
Mele (Neutral)
Amadeus (Loathe)
Charity gets development right before the vote. I also finally got some clarity about her "aroma". I don't expect it to have any impact. You can't manipulate people with scents unless they are excessively naive.

Also bye Amadeus.
Sweet Karma. Glad to see Kade is doing well!
Nice. If Amadeus is voted out, this is a good "hilarious OTTN boot episode", and my opinion of his character won't be negative. If anybody else is voted out, that's a bad sign. Thank you Tony for being the voice of reason.
Um... that's frightening. He looks like a zombie. I'm hoping this is just a temporary scare, but this doesn't usually happen... I really hope Kade isn't evacuated.
I wonder who will be sleep deprived at the challenge? Ollie is a detriment in more ways than one, haha. I love this tribe though, Ollie's antics aside.

I like the nickname Cece. Way easier than typing out CutieCat.
I'm absolutely ready to see Amadeus voted out, but I'm concerned since this tribe has gotten a lot of the screentime so far. These guys better make the smart decision if they go to tribal council.
That's quite the death glare in panel 6...

Glad Jenny is finally in the spotlight. Now everybody has got a confessional except Ollie.
I'm hoping Raiza and Josh are the successful ones on this tribe. They make quite the fun duo.
@DryIceBros: Pretty sure the font is Comic Sans to emphasize the fact that he's an immature 8-year old child.
Haha, seems like Derek is very different from my first impression of him. Quickscope is a great gimmick character. What a scrub. XD