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Maybe I'll find a way so i can mirror the comic onto here once i boot it up again

Codearth on Tumblr:
These panels don't even look like they go together
This page was really fun to make
Fun fact today (Jun 16) is actually Codes birthday.
We're back!
Codearth will return, Next week (on Friday) or in the least early June. On another note I need to make a new Smackjeeves banner..
Wow, I wish I still had a buffer. I MIGHT be going on a mini hiatus just to build up a new one, because this is not working out.
Sorry for having the page out so late. Oh my gosh, its like I'm late for Tuesday of course I'm going to be late for Friday. I had a bunch of programs open at once, trying to run things, but that kept causing the page to crash. Cause I normally use 2 programs to make a page and this time it was like 4, because I was trying new stuff you. But as you can tell its 8.5 because the final version is not complete yet, due to some issues of file size. I'll try to get the real version out eventually, it's not too impressive but it'll make a little sense of the last pannel
Yeah I did it! Just barely
You may have noticed, or you might not have. But the first 8 pages of chapter 1 are completely re-done. I'll go through the rest and hopefully fix it, after that I'll be going through the rest of the chapters. Fixing the whole story, wording, simple edits, sizing issues, etc.
just what we needed ANOTHER character
There may or may not be a bit of a hiatus after this. I have no sketches left, and alls I have is the script, so depending on what I get done will depend if I have a page on friday or not. Then again this is posted a week in advance so....
2 page update go back <--
2 page update go forward -->
Jeeze this chapter is long
well, I managed to fix the next buttons...
New header yea! next will probably be the next buttons, and the rating buttons
Had a snow day, so I finished this page on time (yea!)
Oh my gosh. Sorry for posting this really late.
Those two floating bubbles are Dominic by the way,
Flash backs include things like: backgrounds that don't make sense and random characters that appear out of nowhere