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Hi there :) I'm Matty. I like comics on here and worship PGcool and Swsu Master.. That's all I gotta say.. o.o
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October 19th, 2012
@StarOceanFan18: Definetly Hope Not :(
Pyropyropyro... What can I say? Their Getting Boring.. But I'm Starting To Like Sylvester :D
Adrian- 3
Baxter- 5
Bonnie- 6
Chloe- 6
Chrii- 5
Emilee- 7
Frank- 5
Heinz- 5
Jackie- 3
Kris- 8
Minerva- 9
Miranda- 9
Oehda- 7
Phil- 6
Quadratic- 8
Ryuia- 10
Sanza- 10
Starr- 5
Ventious- 8
Xero- 4

Think Will Win: Sanza
Want To Win: Ryuia :D
Latoya's leaving D;
Kay, uhm i dont really understand Jackie's edit.. :o
Nuuuuuuuu! But now for my episodly, ratings!

19th- Bartholomew

18th- Xayla

17th- Cree

16th- Ibrehem

15th- Squaria

14th- Couscous

13th- Pablo- I Don't like this eppy of him..
12th- Monty

11th- Nelson

10th Krystal

9th- Pigmalion

8th- Cathy

7th- Sylvester

6th- Sid

5th- Megumi

4th- La'toya

3rd Stiletto

3rd- Angry

2nd- Aurora

1st- Erinthecourt!!!!!!

I messed up on numbers and was too lazy to fix it.. -_-
BuhBye Ibe XD
Double elimination!!! Bonnie's going after the person from Corsona, but I has no idea who. Hope it's not Ruyia..
Pablo's leaving.. ~Tear~
@LaMoop: Did you get mine for Cassie?
And also, how do you send pictures in pm's. If it's by getting the URL's, how do you do that..? I'm sorry, I'm new to this.
My Predictionss!!
1st Out- Xero- We know why he's out.
2nd Out- Quadratic- I was sad to see him go. Major blindside.
3rd Out- Starr- Kinda obvious
4th Out Heinz- I dont know why, I'm like the only one that didn't see that coming.
5th Out- Miranda- ~Sad face~
6th Out Chloe- She had it coming.

7-8th Out Sanza and Bonnie
Double elimination next: Bonnie uses her idol against retro and Sanza leaves. Then, because of the bottle, there's another elimination right then and there and Bonnie's booted.

9th Baxter
Idk, he gets screwed over and just misses out on the merge and jury.

10th Kris
Being Baxter's semi 'follower' she 'follows' him out of the game.

11th Frank
I have no explanation for this one, just a ranking.

12th Emilee
The alliance (Minerva, Jackie, Ryuia, Ventious) votes out the biggest threat after Adrian or Phil win Immunity.

13th Phil
Either quits because he becomes overweight again or medically evacuated or sumting.

14th Adrian
Biggest threat in the game left.

15th Ryuia
I have no explanation for the rest.

16th Ventious
Look above^

17th Minerva
Look above^

18th Jackie
Look above^

Chrii Loses the votes

Oehda wins somehow.
Quick Question, Why is Bonnie CP and Baxter OTTN?
Double Eviction next!!!
I don't wanna say Chrii's leaving, so I'll just go with Chloe.
@Vilecheese: Omygod, did she kill Skippy?
Ohmygod, i forgot my episodly rankings!

21st Bartholomew- He pissed me off. 'Nuff Said..

20th Xayla- Didn't do much this episode.

19th Couscous- I liked her at the beginning, but with her fight with Stiletto, she ticked me off.

18th Sylvester- Didn't do much

17th Nelson- Didn't do much, not the mastermind I though her would be.. Yet.

16th Monty- Not interesting this episode

15th Cree- Didn't do much

14th Angry- Didn't do much, but I love him!

13th Erinthecourt- I love him and Ibrehem right now!

12th Megumi- Didn't do much

11th Pigmalion- Didn't do much, but my favorite!

10th Krystal- Everybody says they dislike her, but I like her!

9th Squaria- Idk about her yet..

8th Ty- Not what I would say the perfect first boot, but I didn't expect it, so great job on your part :)

7th Stiletto- At first, I didn't like her, but rereading, I love her!

6th Sid- The better of him and his twin.

5th Latoya- I love Latoya!

4th Aurora- Who doesn't love a grumpy pony!

3rd Ibrehem- I never though I would like him! But, he's a great mastermind.

2nd Cathy- I love kitties!

1st Pablo- Foreever, the greatest player ever to play!!!!!!
Angry's going home..
Haylee- Idk why.. I don't like her..
Lousie- Finale 2!!!!!
Nikki- Mastermind.. Will go far..
Paul- Sadly, early.