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Heya! I'm mostly a 2D animator but i love illustrations as well!
Loves drawing nature and loves drawing dorks-!!
Trying out SmackJeeves once more! thanks for having me!
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she's blinded by the light.....
@minimoonp: YEAH! i'm SO glad u recognized!! She's a dear friend of mine..least i could
I delayed so much in this site! but i guess the good thing is i got two chapters ready for ya! ;D
well, that failed..
Utensils are more important to them than u think...
@bunkun :yup..its all bonding from here/// ^U^ but wow thank UUU!!!
behold...the kitchen..
Lets Talk some more
...getting down and obvious...
Kitch knows whats up...well, they all do.
Lets Talk
i wonder who they're talking about??? >,>
i really want to sketch ginger dressed up as a classic disney prince serenading Pom (in a really pink dress)

I'm really in love with this comic! and your use of medium is fun too! Cheers!
you cant have cookies without the cream...
(secretly my favorite page so far)

Clearly you're a clutz...
piercing words...
The Overloving, let me handle it, sweety, father types...
thats Kitch...
Third Character reveal??
rude awakening...
Chapter 02
I'll resume next month, stay tuned!!
omg i read EVERYTHING~ This comic literally speaks to me cause i'm a foreign student too and everything cultured confuses me sometimes in US!! (i think a am Sasha girl version lol) hahaha...i really like this comic, good job! :D
omg did i just finish a chapter? (falls)