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EZ Cwmkz consists of a series of short manga-based comics created by two artists named Ema and Zin. These comics contain mature material including violence, sexual themes (including same sex interaction), and harsh language that may not be suitable for readers ages 17 and below.

Name: Ema
Real Name: L.d. "ema" Myers
Age: 20
DOB: Mar 4 (Pisces)
Birthplace: VA, USA
Specialty: Sketching, Lineart, Storyboard
Major: Graphic Design, BFA (currently pursuing, sophomore, @ AIAD)
F. Color: Green
Philosophy: If I could care less now, I'm probably gonna care even less later.
Flaws: Lazy, Hot-Headed/ Short-Tempered, Air-Headed
Attributes: Analytic, Open-minded, Laid-back, Organized

Name: Zin
Real Name: Zin S.
Age: 21
DOB: Mar 8 (Pisces)
Birthplace: AL, USA
Specialty: Coloring, Shading, Lineart
Major: Media Arts and Animation, BFA (currently pursuing, sophomore, @ AIAD)
F. Color: Blue
Philosophy: tba
Flaws: AD*whisper: "h"* D, Lazy, Frequent Writer's
Attributes: Fresh New Ideas, Determined, Analytic, Open-minded, Natural Talent

Feel free to annoy the hell out of us =3= @:
  • Real Name
    EZ Cwmkz
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@Vindictive bassoon: i sooo wish i could like this comment on smackjeeves xDDD
the most adorable illustrated dog on the damn planet!!! =u=
wth!? xDD big boi =w= someone ate their veggies~
i drew a comic to this too when we studied this n school xDD
That summary's the same story as an existing comic called Kaito Shuno by Angel Perez.....and what the hell is this?