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Dr. Scottie
I'm just a mug of old money.
Ghost Mace. xD
Birds! Birds everywhere!
Mace, you softie.
His poses are great, ahaha.
OuO Congrats on the exams and it's great seeing the comic still alive.<3
No need to go out when you have laptop.
Oh no my heart.
Oh no, Silvain's fetishes!
Ahaha, that note is wonderful.
Dr. Scottie
April 18th, 2013
These two are quite the characters. Ahaha, I like their conversations.
Cute bird alert.
That rooster is gorgeous. Ahaha, I love the colors.
Aw, I'm glad you're feeling better! <3
Dem flying pigs.
Ahaha, I like Jean already.
I'd love to see a series. (´◉◞౪◟◉)
His freaking hands. Ahaha
Heavenly thievery is one of my favorites. So wonderful~