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I really enjoy reading manga, and this is my first attempt at writing and illustrating a webcomic. I hope you like it!
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Digital arts
This is Mari on the moon as you can see...this is the art project I was working on for a long time.
The lab
This is where all the evidence is processed...or should be anyway. This is the coroner's office
The half naked kid
nuff said
More interrogation
Again...they keep interrogating the same people...
More interrogation
The interrogation continues, the same monkey is being interrogated...
What is this guilt you speak of? I like how she only feels guilty around Nick...
oh...okay, I think you have some of the books?
Wow, this took a while
I'm so excited that I finally have my next comic page out! But now I'm going to work on a short project where I'll draw Mari in a special way then color it all fancy like...So have fun!
The monkey lies
The confusion begins with two monkeys who look similar...
Was it that...monkey?!
Why are they interrogating a monkey?
The Second Suspect
Time for the actual investigation to begin...
The First Suspect
The first Suspect found in this investigation, what? OMG!Did Tigercat do it?
Literally my friend who co-authored this page had loads of dough in her hands and said that out loud and it made me crack up! She was all like, "BRIBE!!~" And I was all like lolololololol~
Apparently Tigercat and Kally are investigators or something...
Tigercat and Kally!
This is Tigercat and this is Kally. For those who don't know, Kally is violent, rude and smart. Tigercat is...Stupid.
The barf came from the victim not the murderer. The clues for the death are on this page.
Talking to Yourself?
I know it seems like she's talking to herself but that's a creepy dripping voice 'kay?
This comic was co-authored by RekushisuReborn :D