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Hot Vamp is hot...*Q*

Oh..hehe *wipes puddle of drool off floor* Not how I was envisioning my acquaintance with you both. So...hiya!

I've been reading this comic all morning with a cold and throat-ache and even though my head hurts like hell, I don't regret it. NOT. ONE. BIT.

This comic is f***ing amazing art-wise, and do I even need to get started on the plot? You made Dracula appear in this story!!! Sexy hot Vlad the impaler aka Dracula, that too! Oh, and Raif that, I wanna pinch his cheeks soooo bad...*makes grabby motions with hands*...Nah, I'll let Damion do that. Although, I think he'll be doing that to the kid's...erm, 'other' cheeks XD *is shot*

Damn, Damion makes daddy clothes look gooooood...then again, how old was Raif's mama and papa anyway? I mean, after seeing those bunny pajamas earlier, I'm thinking that they were probably younger than I first assumed. Or they were just being a cute lovey-dovey couple. <3

Goodness, I've rambled on quite a bit, haven't I? I'll leave you to making new pages then! Keep up the awesome work, you two!!

*goes off to fave*

Katz is gonna help him find Muriel! :3
I've read this comic all in one day and I'm in love with it~! Courage is one of my fav cartoons and seeing it in humanised version has made me squee for 2 straight hours!

Ooooh, can they have a discussion about when they met the past few episodes? At some point, Katz has to ask what 'strange stuff' Courage had to go through right? Can they also talk about that Freaky Barber episode and the episode where Courage remembers his past? My two fav ones :3

Your art is awesome! Can't wait for the next update!