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Just an amateur Finnish comic maker.
I don't know where you guys keep coming but thank you so much!!
Aaaah, I love all the name suggestions you guys are giving Blotchpaw! Too bad I've already decided his warrior name but I'm loving these guesses/suggestions!
@WildfireK: dlafjljafjl I love that name! xD
@ShadowStalker1128: Sandstripe(tabby) is indeed a grumpy one! She is excited but she won't let it show because wants to be cool. :P
Paleheart on the other hand is old and has already had his share of apprentices. xD
Blah, sorry it's such a boring page.
Blotchkit and Granitekit become apprentices and get their mentors! It's in sort of a montage form since it's not super important to the story.

Brush used:
I edited the grass so it looks a bit nicer now and added shadows to the ground, too.
@WildfireK: Oh true! Why the heck didn't I think to add shadows to the ground....
What's this? A new background style and shading????
The main thing that kept me from drawing this comic was my hate for its backgrounds. Today I finally tried something different with it and... Well, it's better than before. And I thought, if I'm gonna add shading to the backgrounds, I'm gonna have to add it to the characters, too. And this makes the pages seem a little more... Finished, I guess.
Please, tell me what you think!

There are also too many cats to list off here. If you wanna know the name of someone specific, feel free to ask!

Brush used:
@Guest: !! Thank you!
@Kingfish: Thank you very much! ;w;
@WildfireK: It's really about what you enjoy drawing. Many don't enjoy drawing scenery and would much rather just draw the characters.

But thank you!
I haaaaaaate backgrooooouuuunnnddddssssss..!
Also Blotchkit in the first panel gives me infinite amusement
@Kingfish: It's his muzzle turning gray and scruffy from old age!
@Dark/Light: Oh, true! Accidental success on character design! xD