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Just an amateur Finnish comic maker.
She really is the only one who can break Genericpaw's :3 face
There she is!!

Oh and some other apprentices, too.
I asked on Twitter if I should do ref sheets for this series and everyone (yes, it's was 100% one sided) said 'yes' so.. Here we are!

Time to go meet the other apprentices!!
Yay, the other clan leaders! And we get to learn the names of the other two clans! (Tho we still don't know Genericpaw's clan's name hah)
So many cats that I definitely didn't copy paste!
I really like the third panel
@HollyTheFluffyCat: Gotta have that sweet sweet forbidden love
A new challenger approaches!
@DroppingMillions: I'm really glad to hear that!
Tripping on nothing is a talent in itself, right..?
Also, good one Blotchpaw.
Genericpaw, pay attention to your friend! >:I

Thank you for all the name suggestions! There were WAY more than I was expecting and it was hard to choose! Thank you to LKWayvern for Hawkeye (tho she's based on a different Hawkeye than Marvel's, hehe) and @the_tvshowfan from Twitter for Billygoat!
If your suggestions weren't picked, don't worry! There were some great names that I wanna use for future characters!
Growth spurt!

Wanna help me name Solidpaw and Jerkpaw's mentors? Preferably something funny but also something that could be a legit Warriors name (so something the cats would know about)