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Just an amateur Finnish comic maker.
@Silvermoon: Thank you so much!
@9rainbowtails: No, it's Blotchpaw's mentor Paleheart. Granitepaw's mentor is a tabby.
And we're FINALLY back! I'm sorry it took so long and thank you for your patience!
As you can see, my style has changed a bit since last time. I hope you like it!
@Stakekit: they're kiiiiidddssssss
February 16th, 2019
Take all the time you need to recover!
Definitely NOT Riza Hawkeye
Fun fact, Mountaindew was a tom at first but then I realized there aren't enough she-cats so... Since her pronouns hadn't been used yet, I could just easily make her female instead, haha
She doesn't even really need a ref sheet but here you go anyway! >w>
More ref sheets! This time it's the other apprentices
Don't worry about it, I'm sure it's nothing!
She's just way too pretty to properly pay attention to anything important
Of course it was Jerkpaw screaming
She really is the only one who can break Genericpaw's :3 face
There she is!!

Oh and some other apprentices, too.
I asked on Twitter if I should do ref sheets for this series and everyone (yes, it's was 100% one sided) said 'yes' so.. Here we are!

Time to go meet the other apprentices!!