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Ah pancakes. They can hurt you.
The list is great. And Will had an excellent point, after all look at what happened when she did find out.
It's far to late to back out now Will.
And she fits the part so well.
She's probably going to hunt him down and beat him to a pulp later for this.
Good luck talking your way out of this one Stan.
The Logic behind the villain
Now we know why despite being such a nice guy Stan wants to rule the world. It makes sense...kinda
Everyone knows you need more than just guns to take over the world. You need highly complex plans and an army of minions.
Run, Run for your lives!
The fact that Stan currently looks kinda crazy isn't foreshadowing at all.
He's secretly a bad ass! Sweet! :)
Stan is an idiot.
We all know how this is gonna end.
I agree with Andrew and shylarah. Also Will is so cute while being all jealous in the 4th panel.
No wonder Isaac was freaking out.
Isaac never freaks out without good reason. What has Simon gotten himself into this time?
I love Rat's face when he gets hit with the attack. It's hilarious!
Nice rant there Stan. Can't wait to see Will's reaction to that.
Can't they make her a cyborg? I mean that would fix the aging problem she has, right?