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I'll try to make one tomorrow, dont expect anythung good though. I only have a camera until my brother asks for it back sooo.... i might not be able to make that many comics either.
Which one reminds you of it? And link to that specific comic plz. Also, glad you liked the escape, you really pwned that wall.
This took HOURS to make, doesnt look like it, but it did.
The comic after next.Its a secret.
I think i can wait that long.
Toothpoint is in. I can make his poses.
I found a camera, (for now anyways) but i dont want to make the first comic.
Thanks... I think.
I'll remember that. TANKS TUPKOT!... I'll probably never try to "talk" like that again.
You can get the master sword in ACWW.
Just realized my camera uses floppy disks, my computer doesnt. guess i'll have to borrow my brothers.
I have a camera, and buckets full of legos, do i qualify?
Finaly, you know what happened to Invisible Bloke's hair.
The original Spikeman doesnt have hands. had to be done.
that reminds me. i need to make spikemans/Blades/aqua when your done super form. anyone else have super forms?
Yes. This isnt bad poeple town.
This series is very funny.

You should make a comic about Amrless Monkeys friend, Legless Turtle.
Sorry, i couldnt post XIV and XV because they were made in flash, but i can link you to them.

XIV Smashed fruit

XV The escape
I would guess he slept to long.
bread AND cheese=friggin awesome
enough said.