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I love the invisible suit reference. And this is making me flashback to school where two pictures would be next to each other and while one was more poorly drawn than the other, people picked that one because it looked more interesting. That was a hard pill to swallow back then and the president guy is making me hate him for giving me flashbacks >8(
You know, it’s really sad that Tobi feels so alone when he HAS 23 SIBLINGS LIKE WTF THAT PUTS THE WEASLEYS TO SHAME.
Can I just say we haven’t actually seen Matteas’ eyes since he woke up in the dream?
I think the question is becoming what did Tobi do that he can’t remember-that got him locked up by his father, with his siblings wary and scared of him. Also, I get the feeling Eugine is dead and was related to Mattias? He had black goop like the ghost that appeared to Tobias...
Well you see, Tobi, this is where the dead get buried legally. We need some place to keep them after all.
Ok I feel Tobi on a personal level here. The amount of times people told me I looked 12 when I am almost 20 is insane. This page hurts me.
Doesn’t tobi have a 4 on his arm meaning he’s the 4th kid born?? I thought that’s what it meant
Hey she younger! Also, this is oddly reminds me of a segment in the comic Watchmen. Am I the only one?
September 27th, 2018
So, am I the only one questioning this chick? Why does she have a belly? She is liquidous and translucent, so where would the fat be??? The way her body works confuses me...
Why matteas when he has 21 other siblings D8<
Third times the charm, right?
Well I still wanna day that Tobi has his grandmothers eyes. Before Edburt came in the picture, Tobias’s eyes looked exactly like his grandmothers light blue and black pupil. But I still have a question; how many siblings does Tobi have exactly??? Not only that, but if his grandfather is blonde and his mother is blonde, why do I remember several different color hair types in his siblings??? And why do a lot of them not look like their father/brother (except little girl from earlier this chapter whose name I forgot). Were they all octuplets or something like that??? His family outside his narcoleptic brother, father, uncle(s?), and little sister confuse me... don’t tell me that for some reason his fathers side of the family is born in sets of at least three.
Am I the only one wondering if Shikamaru Nara has a brother? Yes? Ok I’ll shut up now
I think Luther is taking the phrase “Black sheep” a bit too far... •_•
Can we just take a moment to appreciate Tobias’ face in the first panel??? XD
This page is cute though
Something about rudy’s Leg is throwing me off... then again it might just be the art style... but still his leg...
I don’t think Jen knows recover or anything of the like, though. She only knows how to heal others, and the people escorting her are two older humans in her eyes, so as the child she is she might listen.
It wasn’t upside down before edburt appeared
Ok I want to point out a detail no one else has...
The cross on Tobi’s Collar is upside down, which is the sign of the antichrist. Isn’t that interesting