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The shining vibes have now mixed with the Hitachin twins from Ouran lol. I love them
Those shining twins are adorable. Are all of Tobias’ siblings going to be fleshed out? I’m particularly interested in the giant 3rd header from chapter 1
I swear it’s like Tobi is just using Rudy as a Journal. No responses to whatever Rudy says, just keeps talking lol. Poor kid doesn’t know how to socialize with friends (I mean me too but still)
I love how Tobias just changed the subject.
I love the other dad cup after the revelation a couple pages ago lol.
I knew it!!!
Is that Tobias in his arms?
Out of curiosity, what kind of elf is Tovio? Are all of them as tall as him or is that his and his daughter’s quirk... I also can’t remember seeing other elves but no one reacts to them...
Who’s the woman in those photos on the wall?
What is this, the half blood prince?
Imagine if Betty Boop and Princess Peach became one being. That is who the Beauty is.
I don’t think he’s trying to give them to Tobias, I think he’s showing evidence so tobi knows he isn’t lying.
Is that matteas? What’s wrong with him?
Emilio is definitely feeling the *doki doki right now

.... imma go sit in a corner somewhere now •_•
Problems? You mean the bear he took down, right?
He didn’t say weak he said fragile. Maybe he doesn’t handle pain well, or has sensitive feelings or low self esteem. Weak and fragile are different. Also he might not know self defense either.
Tobi is just surrounded by psychos of some sort hmm? Introducing, yandere mama!
Theory; Silas fell in a pond and drowned. I don’t think he does here.
Why do I have a feeling Oddete’s father killed himself? He was already depressed, he did still love his daughter, so why give her pictures away to a stranger??