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Tobi is cool as a cucumber I swear
How did he end up back in bed? Unless that was all a dream?
Why did I just now realize that the creepy guy in Tobi’s mind looks like his father/uncle(s)
For some reason I feel like atty is NOT going to sleep, but run off somewhere while George sleeps. “How’s this for strength of heart”
So when playing the games, doesn’t each Pokémon caught have their trainers ID registered to them? As fool proof as catching a lot of Pokémon sounds, 1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they know their members ID, 2. Atty probably doesn’t have a lot of poke balls to spare, 3. With how much George is going on about power of friendship and loving Pokémon and such, she would probably throw a fit saying “no Pokémon should be sold off like that, omg how low can you get??”
I hate to say it, but the power of friendship means crap when you’re at gun point, or when there’s an entire syndicate after you because you deserted. (Let’s not forget a high up member knows Atty by his face)
You know, me and my sleep deprived self just realized that even if girls had the ability to get each other pregnant, girls only have X chromosomes and Y chromosomes are needed for boys. How does max exist? A male is needed to get a Y chromosome???
Did I call it or did I call it? Not friends, boyfriends
Yeah your not friends, you’re boyfriends
You really think
If this is the stuff they took during their developmental years, I’m not surprised Max is the way he is (his vision). That and Izzy knows full well any kid she has would be screwed up.
He kinda needs those movies taken away tbh (does his parents know what they are???)
Doesn’t Tobias have an alibi right now? (Though Matt doesn’t know that I guess)
The the army guy change from a purple clover to a blue spade, or is this like a time jump thing?
That last panel is the creepy face from the new sims 4 trailer yesterday...
He’s definitely one “hell” of a butler, huh
If not Kimrick, I’m hoping Wes or anyone honestly. It is early morning after all. But still, DONT BEAT UP MY GOTH BABY
At first I thought that was Francis from earlier on, but then I realized that this kid has the wrong eye color so again, I don’t know who he is.