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Team meanies need a new team name that actually suits them. Like team misfits. That works
I'm just glad that everyone at the table seems to be cool with Kylee. I don't remember if the other two knew or not, but yeah. I think they are more weirded out by Wes. Kylee, give the birthday boy a smooch!
Also, omg alvis is so tiny!!!
"Blast your ugly mug you into....." I can't wrap my head around this. Also, I swear every time i see Del, I think he could be a member of team skull (namely Pokémon Guzma)
Also, am I the only one weirded out by N's legs in the last panel? Yes? Okay then....
I'd say Jen and Gengar's relationship is different, since they're, you know, both human. One just happens to be in or close to her early teens and the other is an adult in some fashion (if imagine a young adult with the way he acts). Mewtwo on the other hand is a Pokémon. And shipping them is wrong in an entirely different way as Mewtwo wants N to be his trainer/partner. I'll admit at first glance, the pair seems INCREDIBLY SHIPPABLE and incredibly hard to not ship, so why not ship them platonically instead? I ship Gengar and Jen, but I ship them to be like family not lovers. Like the once popular Homestuck once graphed, they are moirails.
Well he doesn't really need to reply to that. "No, no one is looking for me" could cover it. I don't see a reason for him to say anything too revealing to them.
He must have a lot of watches then.
Fun thought; what if Wes is Kylee's long lost brother? They have the same hair..... and look to them. We don't know anything about either of Kylee's parents either.
Give it up for Boss Bunny.
Am I the only one who thinks that Del kinda looks like Guzma? In the hair and face at least.
I now know why Wes is a Crokorok. That "come on, mate" reminded me of that crocodile wrestling show long back and mostly because a crocodile looking thing said it. I now think that is the perfect Pokémon for Wes.
I am sensing an Itachi?????
We've hit the Twilight zone, people.
Guess what my mewtwos are now nicknamed
No, I just think she's a bit traumatized. In her first moments as a Pokémon, she was chased and a rock turned into a giant, mountain leveling, behemoth. She has every right to be scared when she saw what it did. She's (12?11?)
Kylee, don't freak out and make u and Wes fall off the horse. That seems like an option. If Kim had a problem with it he would have stopped the lesson, but he didn't so no falling off horses.
He's been in there for a week and he is gonna stay in there for another week :(
I wanna see him......
I just love how this page looks, from the adorable expressions to that nice looking chain in panel 1. I really appreciate that chain for some reason.