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You really think
If this is the stuff they took during their developmental years, I’m not surprised Max is the way he is (his vision). That and Izzy knows full well any kid she has would be screwed up.
He kinda needs those movies taken away tbh (does his parents know what they are???)
Doesn’t Tobias have an alibi right now? (Though Matt doesn’t know that I guess)
The the army guy change from a purple clover to a blue spade, or is this like a time jump thing?
That last panel is the creepy face from the new sims 4 trailer yesterday...
He’s definitely one “hell” of a butler, huh
If not Kimrick, I’m hoping Wes or anyone honestly. It is early morning after all. But still, DONT BEAT UP MY GOTH BABY
At first I thought that was Francis from earlier on, but then I realized that this kid has the wrong eye color so again, I don’t know who he is.
I think that looks more like Rudy on the computer screen
He has the Sega hedgehog hair in panel one and now I can’t help but think of him as an inverse shadow being red and black instead of black and red. Max, be the true Edge Lord.
Aww poor Toivo is petrified :(
I have a theory on Florida man. He’s actually a zombie John Doe, but he died in mysterious circumstances, it was unclear if his cause of death was considered homicide or accidental so an autopsy was performed on his body (which is why he has a freakin vivisection). Cause of death may be his face being split open like a watermelon. When the autopsy was done the sewn him up including the head injury and tossed him in the morgue. Any further attempts to identify the John Doe was ceased as his body inexplicably disappeared after being placed in the morgue. Now running around trolling Floridians, he now searches for ways to get high.
I think this is the first time we have seen the mothers eyes 0-0
The shining vibes have now mixed with the Hitachin twins from Ouran lol. I love them
Those shining twins are adorable. Are all of Tobias’ siblings going to be fleshed out? I’m particularly interested in the giant 3rd header from chapter 1
I swear it’s like Tobi is just using Rudy as a Journal. No responses to whatever Rudy says, just keeps talking lol. Poor kid doesn’t know how to socialize with friends (I mean me too but still)
I love how Tobias just changed the subject.