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Am I the only one seeing the parallels between the two groups of friends? Especially with all their eyes...
But Dylan still won’t be able to see joe... joe can’t show up on cameras, right?
So talk of his father triggers a demon state. He seems in control of himself and is more angry than anything. What does it mean for Tobi, though
Go Tobi!!..... isn’t his shoulder still bleeding and impailed... wow
Oh no, it isn’t creepy at all to house a dead animal in a church outfit, nope. This should have been the first sign to avoid this kid, Rudy. Yet here we are...
Also, in a couple panels, Des’ pikachu is missing the brown stripes altogether.
I did you know a Pikachu can have charm ;)
You mean the skull, right?
U know, these two would be good friends... if they actually liked each other. These last couple of pages were the funniest thing ever
That first panel tho :D.
It’s hard to hate Carmelo when his faces and reactions constantly make you bust out laughing out loud
Can we just note that this is the longest these two have spent in the other’s company?
All of that blood is gonna shoot out your nose if you’re not careful, Carmelo.
Instant karma
No joke, last night I dreamt I was still at work. I relate so much right now. Also, who’s the chick?
Also can we acknowledge that Tobias does see Rudolph as his friend? He legit says it in the last panel and if he truly didn’t care he wouldn’t be sticking up for Rudy right now looking like he’s gonna maul someone’s face off.
Tobi looks ready to lunge at Carmelo, damn. Denial is a river, hun. Get your head out the sand and face the storm, Carmelo.
My question is, if Rudy can take down a bear and is a skilled fighter, why doesn’t he deck Carmelo in the nose already???
Ah Carmelo is one of those people who don’t have any idea how much their actions impact others, I see. Well, how he reacts on the next page will definitely cement how I feel about the kid. Seriously, there’s pulling the hair of the girl you like (childish to the extreme anyways), and then there is making them emotionally unstable to the point of suicide.
Since everyone is saying Karen, I’ll say it too........:
Karen why ;-;
All I know is that if Carmelo doesn’t calm down he might pass out from all that blood in his head jeez