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How did Izzy manage that???
I hope there's a snorlax in there somewhere...
Is it sad that it just hit me that Gengar is Jen's partner Pokémon? I don't think it stuck before because they were both human, but Gengar really has been there through thick and thin huh.
I don't know, it's usually easier to wash stuff (like blood) off of skin than it is fabric...
I like the effects you did with Joe's tears, you can clearly tell the new tears from the old tear tracks
My question is, is there fishmen too? I thought the manta ray was a boy... and that shark girl's ponytail and expressions reminds me of the girl who smokes thick green toxins.
Why am I suddenly reminded of gale of darkness, when the Pokémon suddenly rages and you have to call them to clear their mind? If that's what this is, then Darkrai's shadow gage thing just went down, and him having rages makes him more likely to purify.....?
Izzy don't jinx yourself. Saying it's not like ____ will happen is inviting that very thing to happen.
Well, at least he's not a psycho out to kill her, he's just out to kill a fish girl that has terrorized her town and tried to kill her best friend.
@Sketching_n'_Tea: I could have sworn Kylee was drinking with the rest of them. Either way I doubt Kylee would care in the morning, it's Kim I'm worried about
Sarcasm doesn't fit u, Darkrai... and isn't a human needed for shadow Pokémon to be cured?
Not to be a killjoy, but aren't they drunk? Kim is gonna be in one hell of a denial after this. Besides that, go Kylee!
I thought that Darkrai was checking Jen and Gengar's location. He seems to have a soft spot for Jen in particular.
Is Gardevoir's dress an actual dress or her skin? She can't take it off I think, so if it ripped would it hurt her?
I've been getting this vibe, but Darkrai seems very protective of Jen. Not only that, but Jen is the only one who's snapped him out of his mood swings. The thing about shadow Pokémon is the more they open their heart to someone the more likely it is to heal them.... so is Darkrai opening up to Jen?
1) from Massachusetts
2) my favorite otps really depends on what fandom I am traversing atm. For Onepiece it's LawLu, for a HTTYD and ROTG crossover it's Hijack, for Harry Potter it's Harry/Tom. There are many many more but that's a few that need more attention imo
I love Attys face. George really can't take a hint wow.
@PJSam frustration is a normal move. She can't hit Del with it.... unfortunately
If that's frustration, then what makes return? Think happy thoughts while punching??
Also, that is the oddest thing to get triggered over. Also that timburr tho.