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1) from Massachusetts
2) my favorite otps really depends on what fandom I am traversing atm. For Onepiece it's LawLu, for a HTTYD and ROTG crossover it's Hijack, for Harry Potter it's Harry/Tom. There are many many more but that's a few that need more attention imo
I love Attys face. George really can't take a hint wow.
@PJSam frustration is a normal move. She can't hit Del with it.... unfortunately
If that's frustration, then what makes return? Think happy thoughts while punching??
Also, that is the oddest thing to get triggered over. Also that timburr tho.
Are you sure atty and hobo kid aren't related? Do we even know atty's father?
I just love the deviousness in that last panel.
When all else fails, let us believe that Dylan has plot armor as a main character... it works for Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds.
He still has some control since he is calmly walking in and telling Dylan to get comfortable, he's probably just hangry (hopefully)
"Nobody can resist a pikachu!"
Well what about a Raichu?
Also, Des was proven right in less than 30 seconds. Not only that, does this mean that Red and Green/Blue/Gary are a couple?
That face is screaming "really?"
Love is a term of endearment, which makes it condescending coming from Wes (it also happens to be her actual name lol)
The more I read, the more the lion prince infuriates me. He doesn't listen or have respect it seems. I mean, if you idolize someone, stalking them, throwing rocks at them, invading their personal space, dragging them around, disrespecting their persons and pushing your opinions on them isn't the way to go. The snow leopard seems to be a nice guy anyways and will help someone if they ask, he doesn't seem to care about being a hero. It seems to me the Lion kid is pushing what he wants in a hero onto someone who doesn't want to be a hero, and I'm trying to figure out why the kid is getting his way. The lion kid's harsh personality is really taking away the enjoyment in this comic for me. I like the unique story, the beginnings of world building, and the characters' designs, but this kid is showing no respect where it is due and isn't very engaging as a main character to me.
Bad news, the humanoid Pokémon from her dreams is a psychic type. You are in trouble, Avis
That or the Eevee, but I don't see Atty using that
Dragonthing, Evolve!! Not likely, since the 3rd gym is early to mid 20s, but Fish on the other hand evolves at 20... and since Fish wasn't used in the gym, it should still be on Atty since Fish had no need to be healed.
Even with a broken arm you draw hecka a lot better than me... glad you're back and I hope you get well soon :)
I love your depiction of Red. He looks amazing on this page
I will forever be confused by Des' gender. I THINK that she's a girl, and girls can grow facial hair, but there have been hints to Des being in her twenties and she shows no signs of that puberty. Not to mention being topless (or naked period) in the company of two guys (granted the guys are smitten with each other). Moments like these flashes here make me question Des' gender.... or is Des a male who identifies as a female..... if so that would be a really cool element to the story
Dragonthing is just glaring at Thad. Does sleep power work on humans, if so, Atty can come up with a plan to get his dragon back.