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Aw there’s nothing wrong with it, Izzy does it all the time
Am I the only one who is gonna comment on that doctor guy being alive and well? Alright
I just noticed that Rudy pinned his hair up
Isn’t that his stabbed shoulder? Well better than a head wound and a broken back
I just noticed, Rudy doesn’t seem to be wearing a cutesy mask right now. I like this Rudy better honestly
Wait, Tobias thought it would take like 4 hours to get to Rudy’s hour walking, and decided it was ok to walk in the dead of night to the house of someone he is iffy about? To go to SHCOOL??? what was he even doing up???
Tobi is acting so adorable here!... but why is he seeing someone he said he doesn’t like at 4 in the morning? More importantly how is he functioning at 4 in the morning??

Wow I’m shocked I’m first
I can’t say that was anticlimactic. At the end of the day, Jen is the main character and hasn’t really had her own battle besides support. She fought the main villain on equal grounds and won. She doesn’t have the time for an epic battle, she has a world to save. Honestly, I’m sure that victini will survive somehow. If it doesn’t then oh well.
There are many things off about that guy. Many, many things
Victinis base defense and attack is 600... but honestly more often than not victini is built special. It’s a Pokémon, if it doesn’t know any physical moves than those stats are useless. Go Jen!!
Still a teenager until he’s 20... man Kim has a buttload of issues in terms of Kylee. He’s barely and adult, he’s openly gay and flirty, he’s supposed to be there as punishment, Kim is his supervisor, and probably more. Honestly I hate to say it, but I’m with Kim on this (denial aside)
Considering victini sat in that spot the entire page, I don’t think it will do anything too harmful to Jen...hopefully. To me, it just looks done, and petulant.
Well, it seems like this happens to Kylee a lot. He is so blank about it and upfront. If this does happen a lot to him, then I kinda feel bad; how many times does one get hurt before they stop caring? Geez get your head out the sand, cowboy D8<
Those siblings remind me of the drama symbol; one has an incredible smile and the other has an incredible frown... honestly I’m torn between the candle man, joker, and the siblings as the culprit... but hey at least this isn’t dagonrompa
That clown reminds me of a purple joker from sonic... am I the only one?
Were those particles Gengar and did he just show them the way? And did Jen hear him with her Audino super-hearing?
@Snarltooth: honestly if it was me I'd do the same thing. I'm territorial like that. On the other hand when animals lay in spots they know are yours, that means they love you (or that's what I tell myself when I move from a spot and come back to see my dog occupying it)
...Why does that turkey have Izzy’s bra?
I feel ya, Mewtwo. You already thought they were doomed before going into the darkness but now its like you can't even go out without your powers. I would want to give up too. But hey, he got up and decided to support Jen. That's all that matters... I guess Jen has taken the mantle of team leader for the first time in the entire comic.