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@Manticore: Ok! Btw for tools try a scanner or drawing tablet.
Hey everybody, LM here to return as GM! It's been about 8 months, and I've been giving you all a long period of creative freedom! With everything going great, and it being Halloween, you should all be very inspired to get in some characters! This game is officially OFF hiatus so hurry up and let's get this game started!
So sorry omg!!!
Basically I've been super busy and in the midst forgot this comic completely. Please, if you're still in, comment below. This is essentially a sort of, roll call. I'll give everybody til September 1st to comment. Alright, thanks!
@kidcthulhu: Thanks! I was actually quite busy and I forgot all about this. unfortunately, with my schedule I don't think I'll be able to run this :'( Sorry :(
@kidcthulhu: Ah! I see that a few people had something like that mentioned in their pages now and I forgot to correct it.
@kidcthulhu: Well its actually a mansion on an island because this is classic style, but basically I'm just introducing all the characters into the mansion. Follow ups are fine.
@kidcthulhu: Great job! I'll get working on all the final prologue pages and we should be up and rolling by next week, at most!
@kidcthulhu: you will create a new character, but whether or not you kill them depends on which role you get. The only part of the source we're not following are the characters, character arcs, and the exact methods of murder. The location is the same although throughout games, it will change.
@bblade24: I believe so, yes. Ifnot, I'm sure a simple PM will bring them back.
@kidcthulhu: yes, oh plz, yes! We literally only need one person and have been waiting like two years!
@X-soskeleton: Read Agetha Christie's And Then There Were None, then read these comic pages to understand.
@X-soskeleton: this was going to be a really good comic that had multiple authors working, but we couldn't get all the authors we needed. If you'd like to read through all the comics and then maybe even join, that would be great.
Jake is teh gossip queen <3
GIMME MOAR JAKE <333333333333333333333333333333

also i dont really care who the boot is as long as it's not stagg, prussia, jake, mac, jojo, tyra, or adeline. Oh wait, that means I need it to be Mikah.
Please let Jake get a confessional next round! As for him being out, I don't really think it's possible. As I said way earlier, I'm pretty sure nobody except for Yukie knows he exists, and there's no reason she'd spoil it now.
Amelia sucks, don't put her with Spinny </3 As for the alliance, I'm liking it a lot more than I thought I would, and the opposite goes for Staggy. The only person I don't like in the alliance is Lizzy. She can go die. And Amelia, but she's probs on the deserted tribe with Spinny.
Wow Hunter's an asshole! Oh wait, I already knew that -_- Hopefully Mikah goes, she's total shit. And Jojo needs to get out of here! But Jake is literally in EVERY SINGLE comic I think. Just hiding. I'm gonna go back and check. Some stuff is up with him and I wanna know what it is so bad!
i'm guessing either Mikah's out, Yukie's out, or Mikah's deserted, or Liz is deserted,