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I`m random and I like making stuff.
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most Canadians do NOT sound like Sarah Palin
Looks more like a younger version of the first to me...
What is megaman holding?
Uuuummm it has been six months since "mega remastered" last updated, has that comic been given up by diong?
Is Mega Remastered dead?
I mean it hasn't been updated since last year...
Question! Why PINK of all things?
Its as stuid and unatral as envyxed or rosyxed!
Its like the unseen universtys squash cort!
where exactly is bomb man
Train Man:Other than one of the tomas ones.
you know... that telporter looks a lot like an Duel Monsters card...
I would have called Shadow Man "Yami" wich means "Darkness" or "Shadow" in Japanese.
Grace is definitely my favorite, can't tell you why though~♥
You know this morning before i checked this comic I was reading a story about a ninja doctor, You Must Have Read My Mind!(yes It relay exits Google Dr. McNinja) edit it is not tiled the thing i wrote in caps.
Wow! Somebody other than me understands that!
Thank you for updating! and thank you for getting through anther day. I'll be praying for you.
to much doctor who? I got that to after i watched almost all of a season in one weekend EVERYTHING reminded me of doctor who!
Please try and pull through this! and i just started reading this comic today finished the whole thing in one day and really enjoyed it. I lol'ed so much!
I keep on thinking about the yu-gi-oh manga because Yugi calls Yami "other me" all the time.