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@ry:Quite right. As the game is made for real meanwhile (although not officially uploaded yet), you have question one.
"I'm going to party in the treehouse" is a quotation from reallife Kenny W., but with a different meaning.
The robot speaks Lübke-english.
To be fair, many of the famous quotations by Heinlich Lübke were late revealed to be made up by journalists.
The icegiants usally battle each other up in the mountains, so there weren't many contacts with normal humans. (If such a thing exists.)
Erik didn't really have a comeback in his post-elevator days, but he did record some songs with Blieb Alien that were appreciated by the underground scene.
When Arthur toured the USA in the 1960ies, some spectators did actually fled out of the concert, as they thought "the devil hath come" for real. This makes later imitators like Marylin Manson look a bit lame.
Picture based on real costumes he wore on stage.
Yes, the badge of the bulldozer says "Super Kings". Older readers might renember.
The appearance of Vincent Crane is kind of accidental, but a nice story. The artist send a preview pic of Vincent Whately and Kenny W. to Jim Gustafson, guitarist and singer of Poobah, and he accidently posted the picture as "Kenny with Vincent Crane (of Atomic Rooster). An even better coincidence, Prof. Etheric, creator of Vincent Whately, is an Atomic Rooster fan - so we had to introduce Vincent Crane (who was a great musician anyway).
Keith Moon was known to love practical jokes like plastic spiders, etc. in real life, and his use of explosives did some serious damage in hotel rooms.
reference to Kenny (RIP).
And all instruments on the picture did really exist.
Nick Knatterton used a "sled" like this without skis, but nobody got seriously harmed in his comic ever, so he got away with that.
The stickart figures are a reference to the original comic by Manfred Schmidt in the early 1950ies.He often used simplified schematics as running gag.
Reference to "Autuum Bay".
So, guess the cars from left to right.
More lyric quotations.
I hope everyone gets the musical jokes at the bottom right.
More movie references.
Movie reference here.