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The appearance of Vincent Crane is kind of accidental, but a nice story. The artist send a preview pic of Vincent Whately and Kenny W. to Jim Gustafson, guitarist and singer of Poobah, and he accidently posted the picture as "Kenny with Vincent Crane (of Atomic Rooster). An even better coincidence, Prof. Etheric, creator of Vincent Whately, is an Atomic Rooster fan - so we had to introduce Vincent Crane (who was a great musician anyway).
Keith Moon was known to love practical jokes like plastic spiders, etc. in real life, and his use of explosives did some serious damage in hotel rooms.
reference to Kenny (RIP).
And all instruments on the picture did really exist.
Nick Knatterton used a "sled" like this without skis, but nobody got seriously harmed in his comic ever, so he got away with that.
The stickart figures are a reference to the original comic by Manfred Schmidt in the early 1950ies.He often used simplified schematics as running gag.
Reference to "Autuum Bay".
So, guess the cars from left to right.
More lyric quotations.
I hope everyone gets the musical jokes at the bottom right.
More movie references.
Movie reference here.
Some of the musician's text is based on original lyrics.
Four great musicians here, and guess the records by the cover.
Not a rock musician, but famous singer.
Vincent is reading the Eldritch Equinox, interdimensional wizard's newspaper.
Famous musician recognizable from the pendant.
First cameo of two great rock musicians, living temporarily in Oblivion's Gate.
I got asked about references, so:

1. See Emily Play: A song by Pink Floyd

2. Emily: The nickname of the Rolls Royce mascot (also Spirit of Ecstasy). There's a standing and a kneeling version, which Ariane is mimicking here.

3. Dr. Whately, I presume: The correct famous quotation is of course "Dr. Livingston, I presume?"
Don't wait, but get the full episode as paperback:
Don't wait, but get the full episode as paperback: