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@Manga-Ka: hahaha i think that too XD
@Administration130: hahahahah she loves giving hugs! >w< thank you!
@SakuyaLuigi: Thank you so much! *O* and thank you for the correction, i will fix it immediately, here is the link of the spanish version
@Hikari88: thank you! i'm glad you like it x3
@Natsunii: hahaha really? in the spanish page no one could guess XD
Yami is so stubborn... u.u
@Natsunii: hahahah soon more pages x3
@Hisui-Hyena: hahaha it says that she's seventeen, if they were trafic violations i think she would have like 100 XD
I wanted to update a page a day but with all the other things i have to do i realized that would be a little difficult, so i decided to update five pages every saturday :)

(last updated i made a mistake and skipped the 9 page of the chapter and put the page 10, but now is fixed :D)
error in the order
a week ago i didn't realized that i skipped a page before this one, so i uploaded the page that was missed and put it before this page, im sorry i will be more careful with the next pages ;o;
@s_sabando: hahaha yeah :3 even though Yami thinks that he is really annoying XD
It's so beatiful i really really love it! Yami looks so cool! and Usagi so adorable! i just want to hug them both *O*
It's the first fanart i get since i started to submit my webcomic here and really apreciate it!
YunisuAizawa thank you so much!! >w< (her profile)
@YunisuAizawa: you can send it to my mail: *-*
Happy new year!
I couldn't start uploading the chapter 2 because i was away for holidays, so tomorrow i will start uploading it
and Happy new year for all of you! ^O^
Last page of chapter 1
Tomorrow i will start uploading the chapter 2 :3

New character, he loves to annoy Yami XD
@rinalicat: yes xD but they use it to store things so there's no garbage
@s_sabando: CHAN CHAAN CHAAAAN *suspense music* XD
@AkoNako: hahahahah she's cute like a little bunny x3