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I would've laughed. It's the only thing I can do in a stressful/frustrating/awkward situation
Those stares should actually boost your confidence. They mean you two are a hot lesbian couple and not the fat, redneck, weirdos I've seen around here. (Is that shallow?)
Your comics are awesome. Its the only thing on the internet that has had me smirking and giggling like a little girl.
I know people like that guy. The only difference is that they get mad when I say that I don't LOVE porn.
I do this with pooping...considering I don't get periods.
Makes me wonder where the term "Come out of the closet" came from. I'm googling it.
I still remember when it happened to me. Contrary to popular belief being, me being the guy didn't make it any less nerve racking.
Whats the problem with Sex before marriage? As long as you love someone and you're confident that you will last a long time with that person even if its not forever, its fine.
I don't get any powers :(
I know the feeling but in my situation its with 0g ear gauges.
It's fuckin' stupid when people say sexual orientation is a choice.
That last panel was entirely true.