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I'm Beth. I draw. :T
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Time Skips! The easiest and cheapest method of story progression!
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Woooooooooooooooooow I took waay too long updating this. I am so sorry to those who actually look at this comic.
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This comic in no way endorses the act of breaking into your local Police Department and stealing their magical elixirs.
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Smaller [ages from now on probably. Saves space on my computer and makes it easier to post them.
And sorry again for such a long gap between postings. I had some issues with my tablet, and having to work on a lower quality one made my ambition for working on this, trip, fall on it's face and roll into volcano for a while.I got it working for now. But I apologize in advance for any more gaps in postings.
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This page was redone. The original was not satisfactory so I took it down and started again with something I like a lot better.
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This is a thing I'm trying out. Here's hoping it takes and I don't screw it up! Haha
I've been sick, my good tablet died and I have to use a lower grade one that takes longer to make good stuff with.
Oh how I relate to these
These comics are amazing. I relate to them so much. You are wonderful!
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This Page was actually done from start to finish in the car on a drive to visit family for the holiday.
Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving, for those who celebrate it!
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Chapter 2 begins!
Thanks for reading!
Chapter 2 starts on the next page!
Page 10
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It also exists here on it's webite:
The second page. The backgrounds will get better I promise.
Unfortunately you can see all my errors. Those will be ironed out after this page I promise.
Merit in Madness page one.