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The "a while back" that Mari last saw Caldwell is actually over 5 years ago in our time. Crazy! Thank you for bearing with slow updates for a while, readers. We're back on track now.
September 30th, 2017
Thank you to all the new readers and followers during the Month of Spellcross! Intermittent updates will resume in October.
September 10th, 2017
@Ralend: It's the 5th Anniversary of Spellcross, so there's going to be at least one new page every day in September!
The page was busted for a little while because Dropbox changed its hotlinks, sorry about that. Everything should be back to normal and viewable again.
Hello Spellcross readers! I have a lot of explaining to do, don't I? First of all, I apologize for promising to give news back in December then not saying anything. That was poor judgment on my part and left all of you hanging. Secondly, Spellcross is not cancelled or dropped! A lot of exciting things have been happening in my life, and I'm in a much different place than I was during those first couple years of consistent updates (weird to think that this webcomic is almost 5 years old, huh?). That said, while it would be easy for me to say "indefinite hiatus!" or "I've moved on!", Spellcross really is a story that's near and dear to me, especially after pumping so much time and energy into it. With that in mind, though, my honest assessment of the past 2 years of updates is that it's been lacking. Updates happened sporadically, the quality varied immensely page to page, the story's moved at a snail's pace, and the art style even shifted several times.

That's why I'm not making any grand, sweeping promises in this update. I've made those before, and after a short time couldn't live up to them. What I want is to give a clear expectation to now and future readers. Spellcross, as a webcomic, is no longer the main focus of my life and pursuits. There was a time when I wanted to make tons of pages and print and sell a volume, but that's no longer in the cards for me. However, while drawing this comic is now on the backburner, the update schedule's still gonna improve. So, it's simple: my only goal going forward is more updates, more frequently! It may not be on specific days of the week, it might be a couple of pages at a time, but the comic is going to resume updating. I feel like a broken record at this point, but there's so much story left to tell and I want to present it to all of you, in time. Once again, sorry for the lack of info, and I hope you'll stick with Spellcross moving forward.

tl;dr - I apologize for leaving you all hanging! I'm going to be better about updating the comic from here on out.
December 13th, 2016
Sorry for the lack of updates, everyone. Expect definitive news about the comic soon.
February 22nd, 2016
@kcspice: I use a template of my own design, but at print size around 10x14. I'm not currently posting on other sites, but have plans to expand in the near future.
Bit of confusion on the last page (understandably so), but just so people don't get led astray I'd like to let you know that this person is NOT Bram's older brother Bale.
December 27th, 2015
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December 22nd, 2015
This is the final page for the explosive Chapter 15. Things are really ramping up, huh? What will be Caldwell's fate? And has the cavalry arrived in time, or is it too late for his friends? Next update will be another silly interlude, followed by the title page for Chapter 16 "High Magus"!
December 11th, 2015
@Guest: Sorry for missing this, thank you for spotting it. Fixed.
Heya readers. Stylistic change again, because the previous style (while nice to look at) was taking me take too long for each page. In order to finish Spellcross before I die of old age, I'm trying out something new. Please bear with it in the meantime.
@rogue: Good eye, I didn't see this error 'til just now. Fixed.
Check out the Spellcross Patreon here! :

And of course, while there's lots of cool stuff on the Patreon, new pages of Spellcross will never be locked behind a paywall. Thanks again to everyone who reads and enjoys the comic!
"To be continued" is a stylistic thing, inspired by Jojo's Bizarre Adventure which has put it at the end of every chapter for more than twenty-five years.

Also believe it or not this chapter was the second longest yet at 33 pages, with chapter 12 coming in first at 35.
That's it for Chapter 14! Whew, what a ride it's been. Next update will be a silly intermission, followed of course by the title page for chapter 15.
The April Fools page has been moved over to Tales from Spellcross where it belongs. If you took it seriously, then I'm sorry.
The April Fools page from 04/2015, appeared after this page in the main story.
Edited panel 5 to make the action clearer on 03/05 c:
On the previous page Nell makes an Icy Bubble in the air above the plant, then brings it down into its mouth on this page. Actions like this get muddy when I try to condense stuff to keep the story moving... hopefully it's a little more clear when reading through from the start of the chapter (since this is the same ice spell she uses at the beginning and the bubble exploding is drawn the same way here).

I think I'll change the hand panel to show the bubble in the air instead.