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Hello, I'm Kristina, or Chaser, as I've gone by on the interwebs for years.

I'm an illustrator and creator of Hazy Daze.

Other than comics, I also work as a texture artist for a small mobile game company, and serve people over-priced coffee.
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    Kristina Scott
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@angelbaby9412: i cant resist making puns
@melaredblu: ehe yeah ive had quite a few people go "OH LOOK WINGS" at this page, but I didnt want to dedicate an entire section to them so
@melaredblu: Same. Writing Akira is always a little bit therapeutic and a little bit sending myself into a fit
August 16th, 2015
Hey guys.

I felt bad not posting anything, but I dont have much to post other than this doodle i coloured a bit back.

In case you missed my update posted in my journal ( i know not everyone checks, even I dont go look all the time) my Brother passed away last weekend and ive decided to take some time off for the time being.

I also lost my tumblr account accidently by attempting to delete an unused side blog and deleted literally everything, so if you want to keep updated with my life (i dont often post HD stuff there, but I do post other art not associated with comic stuff from time to time) you can follow me at

I dont know how soon I'll be back, but I still drop in and read and respond to the odd message so dont think you guys are forgotten, or even that ill abandon this comic ever. I love these dorks far too much.
@melaredblu: I kind of want one? But it just wouldnt have the same puntastic effect as it does here XD
@TheGhostOfMe: hes a cutey for sure
@melaredblu: His hips dont lie. I HAVE his shoes. at least very simillar XD. I love em
@witchknox: that is exactly the expression i was going for XD
@Alybee271@gmail.comHe might be a little day. just a little >.>
@witchknox: i wonder what he's bracing for!
@witchknox: i get all smiley whe i see comments from you guys! (seriously, i am a giddy dork for comments)
And thats the end of it folks!

If you enjoyed this, make sure to check out my other series, Hazy Daze.

and maybe consider owning a copy of it?
@walkin_talkin_apocolyps: conflicted feelings ahahaha
Strings is a narrative that stands alone, or better beside my main comic, Hazy Daze (

You can read it here for free, or support me by purchasing a physical copy here:
@Oakmint: or both. surprised AND uncomfortable about it XD
@walkin_talkin_apocolyps: the technical shtuff was fun to develop!
@Meya-lee: wow I guess SJ doesnt like long scrolling comics ahaha. I added them in separate files, the pages'll all be up in a couple minutes.