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Happy birthday EODM! This didn't take me long to make ^_^
@S.N.E.S: If you want to join send an aplacation.

If Copa is right, then I'm hiding in the clorset....
It looks funny yet evil XD. And it looks like a mini chinese man. LOL
@Snowy: WOLF!! FEMALE WOLF!! *Bites Snowy's head*

On another subject, I had a dream thet Ganato had posted then Snowy posted.. O_o
Uuhh... I came up with this while I was eating XD. I think we need to restart this comic becuse the amount of fillers there are here is tremendus, and most of the authors that are here never post comics.
Spekkal gets a cookie!! =D
@ragethefox: the arms, tail, base and head piece thing colors are from Marshtomp
Guess what Starly is mutated with and get a cookie! I rushed it so it is rubbish.
I don't know what to call it, it's a mutate of Grovyle, Combusken and Marshtomp... That looks really ugly
This is good, Electivire and Dusknior mutated looks cool
I rushed it and I didn't have much time to colour it, or perfect it...
New author here!
This is my first pokefusion so it's abit rubbish.
Poor Charmander, it hould sue Atticus for tail pulling! =D
I love Top Gear! I watch it all the time!
Yeah, I was just posting it untill we get a plot line.
I think we should make the plot about all the authors going on a holiday, does anyone else have a suggestion?
@Dark: Uhh... Thank you?
@Snurple: I am very much alive (I think) And I have been at my house playing Smash bros. brawl (that game is so addictive!)
I think that this comic went wrong somewhere.. But I don't know where, this comic was rushed anyway so it probibly is abit rubbish
You should of put a bulge on your drawing Ganato, you ate all of the food in the house, remember?
Old Faith is old, but oh well I'll send you Faith's new sprites... Eventualy