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Violet Indigo
Hello! I'm Violet, a 20 year old college student with a passion for art! I hope you all enjoy my comics! There will be more posted as I get more used to the site :3

Skype: Malice_Marie
Tumblr: violet-indigo
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    Violet M. Ouellette
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Yay! I love your artwork and would love to have some of your art! I'm so happy the comic is back up again ^^
My job is being juggled in the hands of God at the moment. My babysitter quit cold turkey on me QUITE ironically on Thanksgiving, claiming that she has found another job. I had to skip work today and if I can't find someone to take him for me tomorrow...I am definitely going to have to quit.

Keep your fingers crossed that I don't lose this job! >< I have been with this company for 2 years now, I'd REALLY like to keep it at least til after Christmas. I planned on finding a new job ANYWAYS but right now is the absolute WORST TIME that this could happen. I will resume CC when I can won't be the normal Monday/Wednesday combo. If I do update it's basically going to be whenever I have time. Usually I'd do the comic AT work because I had a lot of free time there, but currently it's not going to help if I have to deal with a child AND look for another job.
Really shit coloring job but i hope you like it.


There will be more comics from this adventure on the road xD a lot of them will be concerning a poor kitty that was our objective for the drive. :3
Sorry guys, I was working on THIS all day yesterday and didn't really have a chance to update-YET. Most of my apartment is cleaned (finally) and so I'm hoping to be able to sit down tonight and work on stuff. Check with the Cookie Crumbz news about a new comic that'll be coming! AND DON'T FORGET-I TAKE COMMISSIONS!
If you're curious, this picture cost the girl 30 bucks: $10 for a digital drawing, +$5 for an extra character, and $15 cause it took me 5 hours to sketch out different designs (cause she didnt know EXACTLY what she wanted) and then the coloring. So keep that in mind if you wanna commission me :) think thats too pricey? I do have a HOLIDAY SPECIAL coming up! CHECK MY DEVIANTART---

...but seriously, I guess old habits die hard when it comes to cleaning my home. I will become a Virgo Maniac and clean everyone else's homes, but when it comes to my own place of stay I'm just like eegnh...Ill to do it tomorrow or Im just too tired from work and child that I just don't give a crap :I
I am soooooo pleased with how this turned out! ^^ I made sure to finish it a few weeks back though cause I KNEW....I knew...that Halloween was going to be RIGHT NEXT to Youmacon, and therefore I planned ahead ^w^

Now to explain the picture. For my Design class last Fall, I decided for the "Story" project (when you take a story from any medium and retell it via illustration) I wanted to do Legend of Zelda.
Except....I had to change the characters OBVIOUSY. So I did-I gender-bended the Zelda character cast. Gandalf was Maybe I'll put it up on here someday as a fan comic xD
Anyways, Skull Girl's outfit is modeled after TP's Skull Kid, but with the body structure of Majora's Mask (and the moon. Let's not forget him :3)
So....yeah! Happy Halloween and I'll see you all after Youmacon! WOO HOO!
This is fantastic xD
If it makes you feel better I'm from Michigan- weirdest weather ever. Last week it randomly went to the 80's and then todays its down in the low 30's and chances of snow. It's like crazy ._.
@rukan: It's even worse in Italy- the word for left is La Sinistra, bluntlly- evil incarnate x.x
Youmacon is just 8 days away now. I've got my cosplay (mostly) and my only problem right now is being able t get the gas and hotel money :/ I may not be able to have money to take with me, but hey-tickets are nonrefundable after 15 days, so might as well go. Anyways sorry for the crappy update, I seriously "I'm Can't" today x.x
Almost 4 months ago now, Kait's best friend, Denver, passed away. He was perhaps the most charming dachshund I have ever met, and had the most peculiar personality. When things didn't go his way, he would snort xD it was so cute. The cutest thing, is what I made a comic of today. He absolutely loved ice cream cones, but wouldn't touch it unless it was on its side. The illustrated moment between Kait and Denver ACTUALLY happened, and so this is dedicated to them. =)

I gotta say though, the one part that took the longest to do was his coat x.x I was like NO IF I GET HIS COLORS AND MARKINGS WRONG I WILL BE THE WORST FRIEND. EVER. So, thankfully, I got it done in time for today, but I have to say that it was still very enjoyable to see her face when I showed her the sketch art for this. Enjoy! :3
I feel your pain :I my laptop suddenly went bluescreen on me the other day. I was like NOOOOO THATS SIX YEARS OF ART. FFFF....but luckily my best friend is dating a computer genius xD we managed to save mostly my finished art, but then I had to go on my deviantart just so I could have copies of my own work T_T
Alex and I had some of the strangest moments together...
I have been absolutely obsessed with REPO! The Genetic Opera as of late. If I had the body...I'd definitely go as Blind Mag for Halloween.

Sorry it's not an actual comic strip, but this weekend I'll be working on lots and lots of artwork so I'm kinda focusing on getting line art together x.x

Youmacon is only so far away, and I actually DON'T have a cosplay to work on this year. Instead, I'd like to make money :I I am willing to draw basically anything, but email me first with this layout:

Email: (paypal one preferred if you have it)
Character Name:
Character Design: (reference pics are very much appreciated)
Character Personality and Traits:

Then select one of the promoted choices for commissions =3

EDIT: I was asked why the colored portrait and inked line art/sketch were about the same average price. Well, considering that I have inking pens that range from .9-.003 ....I THINK I may (just a little) put great detail into the picture. That's why I said that it varies on difficulty. =)
This is actually an older comic, back from when Lizard and I still lived together~ but there's no way I'm even going to ATTEMPT to color this x.x
Just gonna....leave this here....and go back to bed x.x

But seriously,sorry it's not a legit comic today. I have an exam today in Philosophy. Therefore I'm being the responsible college student I am....ANDCRAMMINGSTUDYTIMECAUSEITSINLIKESEVENHOURSGAHIMSOSCREWED. ...*cough* >>'
Sorry about the last panel ;/ my tablet took a crap on me and I have to fix it :I
I am so jealous of your ability to draw animals! D8 I usually just end up with Furries lol great job, and can't wait for more updates :3
I loooove this comic adaptation of this story x3 I can't wait for your updates. Also, I've only known the Disney version of this story (Well...and the one with Jeremy Sumpter in it from like 2000), are the other fairies mentioned in the book?