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Think Will Win: I'm really not sure about this at all...but I'll say Jackie.
Want To Win: Ventious

While I don't think this season's really that bad so far, I'll admit that I'm hoping that the post-merge will have something really big in store, like how SFC9's finale singlehandedly elevated an otherwise mediocre season.
Wow. Emilee would actually probably still be here if she had trusted Jackie. I thought she would have more to her story, but at least she made the jury.
I'm just as clueless as I was yesterday...which is probably what you were hoping for. :P So I'm not even going to try and embarrass myself.
Well, this confirms that the merge HAS to be next episode.

Like Vilecheese, I thought that Retro would be one of the losing tribes. I really have no idea who's going home; it'd suck majorly for Emilee if she went home when she was just beginning to get focus, but Jackie seems to have more potential to go further, but Ventious has the advantage of Ryuia NEVER voting against him and I have no idea if Ryuia's story is done or not...I guess I'll wait until next comic to make a more reasoned guess.

ETA: I just remembered that the Yrsa'ka idol is still out there...maybe Minerva's going to decide that now is the time for Jackie to "find" it.
Snerk. Can't fault Sanza for that; I'd probably have done the same in his position just to see Ventious's reaction. Good to see Sanza getting some much-needed CP, too.
Well, at least Phil actually recognizes now that telling someone they're next in the pecking order is a really dumb thing to do.
Ryuia: So out of this world that she manages to get BAXTER to pity Ventious.
Emilee's really been a supporting character to other characters' stories so far. It's time to see if she can stand on her own.

That said, I think Adrian and Sanza really did make the best choice they could have. Jackie was closer to them than Oehda was and a Yrsa'ka was going home no matter how Bonnie or the others voted. Let's just hope that Emilee doesn't let her emotions overtake her head.
I spy a spying Adrian too, and I suspect that he ain't there just for background decoration.

That aside, I think this TC will result in either Bonnie getting overly cocky and going home with her idol still in her pocket or her and Jackie both playing idols and the elimination being decided by purple rock or Adrian's lone vote.
Huh. This is actually the first time I feel like Minerva could legit win this because she's not as negative as she was in her original season and she's being set up to have a close relationship with a very positive character like Sky and Marius were.

Even if she doesn't win, this is my favorite incarnation of Minerva by far.
Whoa, Sanza's actually doing something other than narrating now!

I can still totally understand Adrian's reluctance to ally with Bonnie, though...being falsely accused of rape by someone you thought was your soulmate has got to leave a very, very deep scar.
I shouldn't be laughing at poor Ventious's misfortune...but I am. Wonder if he'll try hiding in the bushes to get away from her?
I suspected that Ventious would have to make a sadistic choice between Ryuia and Chrii earlier than he wanted to, but I thought it would be with an individual tribe twist.

Ah well, Chrii was pretty good for her big episodes, but she was done in once again by her tendency to place herself on the outs of her tribe. I can't wait to see what the Carbo and Corsona tribes have to say to each other in the next comic...
To those who say that Chrii should have changed her vote after telling Bonnie she was voting for Frank, she couldn't because she had ALREADY voted and Bonnie (who, luckily for her, was the last one to vote) waited until just before her vote to speak up. If Chrii had kept quiet, Bonnie would have played her idol, causing a tie between her and Frank and in the revote, the 4 Carbos would almost definitely have voted against her and she would have gone home.

As Gigas points out, though, Chrii could have lied about who she was voting for and tried to trick Bonnie into not playing her idol. My guess is that Bonnie would have known somehow that she was lying (she did see through Gretchen and Starr's lies last season, after all) and that Chrii didn't want to risk it - if she sells Frank out to Bonnie, she at least guarantees that she and Ryuia are safe. That's my take on it.
Looks like my hunch was right. Frank was more tolerable this season to me, but he was pretty much a strategy bot and there were other characters who had more story potential than him.

Seconding touileasaso's assertion that Bonnie is going to need to have a downfall even more epic than her SFC9 one at this rate.
...How did Ventious lie to Frank in the last comic? He straight up said that he couldn't go along with Frank's plan.

I agree with you, though, about Bonnie being more than a one-game wonder. As much as I really want to see her gone, it's obvious that SWSU is keeping her in because she's clever enough to think up of escape plans like this.
Someone pointed out to me a couple of comics ago that Emilee was being edited a lot like SWSU intended her original season's winner to be edited (a MOR character that doesn't get swept up into the insanity and demonstrates game savviness without being too visible), and I can see that more clearly now. I don't know if SWSU would have a MOR winner so soon after three out-of-focus winners, though.

As for who's going, I think Frank is going to be one of them; he doesn't really have a story arc outside of being Carbo's strategic leader. I dunno about the second boot (if there is one), though.
@mydoctor93: Saying something like that is kind of like telling someone standing on a rickety bridge not to look down. Even if it really is the best thing to do.
Something about Ventious's words puts me in mind of the idea I had yesterday that the tribes would vote separately and everyone would be forced to vote for a member of their tribe only. It would certainly make for very interesting votes.
It's clear that the bottle signals a double boot (though I think that there'll be a bit of a break between these boots). What isn't so clear is who's going home.

I think the field is pretty wide open here, honestly, and I could see anyone in these two tribes going home (though I'm crossing my fingers that Bonnie somehow goes home after becoming overly cocky and that Adrian and Ventious can somehow survive).

EDIT: An idea just occurred to me: what if the bottle reveals that each tribe is going to be voting *independently* for one of their own, and this is the reason for Adrian and Chrii being unable to carry out the second part of their plan? Chrii would almost certainly be screwed in that case.