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I'ma robot. rawr.
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Crazy, crazy Daniel xD
amg school is so stressful :'( Anyway I wanna marry him he's so beautiful ♥
October 12th, 2012
Rasputin's innocence ♥ hehe he's adorable
You should definitely draw another page! I love it Cx
She has to watch her back anyway, because people with imagination will take over the world, very soon. =w=
all these years you got you're gonna be old now
yey~ noses~ I love noses ♥
@LaurenLoo: lol ikr?
Stupid Harvest Moon guys, only like you for the food D:
Hahaha me too xD but just because you get stranded, everyone think you wanna be a farmer D:
September 9th, 2012
He looks like she said she'd marry him xD
September 9th, 2012
love it ♥ Could I draw her fanart? ouo
Would you allow me to draw Fanart? ouo
heheh, that's cute and very unexpected, I like her, she's cool. =w=
hehe thats cute ♥
Get well soon ♥
♥ you are a genius, I love this. I love your character too~ Would you mind if I drew a fanart? ouo
I read it all today, so I feel like a spammer OTL sorry =w=''