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I like thinking up comics and to a certain extent: drawing them. I also enjoy placing characters in awkward positions just to torture them because i'm a sadistic creator like that.
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@Emma: Lmao, you must be new to the comic. Hello this is a story called mokepon, the main character Atticus doesn't have much knowledge or care too much about pokemon. This comic is about how he learns and maybe learns to care.

If you'd like a story about geniuses I can recommend you some Anime. Sasuke from Naruto may be more to your liking.
@Unnessecary: Mmm... i'll refrain from spoilers but there's reasons to these character's behaviors. And if being hypocritical is a huge turn off to you, there's plenty of hypocritical behaviors that Atty has displayed as well. You barely got to know Laika and Kirst so they may/may not develop more than Atty.
@Unnessecary: Atty was going to battle an underage gym leader ((labor laws)) on vacation simply due to type advantage.
Also atty was running from a challenge through a bathroom window lol.
This comic is so cute. Hnnn how dare you make such a feels-full comic you goober!
Make AttyxKahn making out a patreon incentive *shot*
Boyfriends shouldn't fight.
people who think Kahn is a good person.
You guys are so cute. <3
Thad is posing for a magazine right thar.
@sowerofash: But how is a pokemon journey part of his dreams? Could be a rich rocket and be an artist, sounds a much more do-able dream.

Childhood mediocrity?? I have you know i beat RED AND BLUE version!
10 years ago but still.
he will have a different stylish hairstyle every time he gets shocked.

And to think i paid 2000Y in Pokemon for my trainer's haircut.
Wowwwww atmospherically intense!
Oh my god, witch got oliver for Christmas. This is amazing!! Dont sacrifice oliver please.
Beautiful colors!!! Really gorgeous and soft, love the eyes.
I feel da holiday cheer.
or is it the bucket of sprinkles.
This is frikking adorable.
Gorgeous tones and linework!
We have one right before a highway xD And people drive by and use it. Very bizarre but its there 8(.
I was confused like you till my Mom used it and i was like "Whatttt"
It wont reach where you want it in less than 3 days.
Cuteeeeee <3. Toby is adorable here.
Seconding the site painterly style! Especially love it in the hair.