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I like this. Make more.
I laughed at almost every panel Jeremey.

lmao, especially Duncan's version of Clyde. :D
A Proud Parental Figure
Well it didn't last 40 pages but at least you finished what you started. :)
Is she going to do the Yes Dance?!
I really don't think System of a Down is smart enough to really even know anything you guys are talking about.

A lot of their songs just sound like gibberish. I say they just put a lot of words together that could be seen as controversial, and expect people to make their own beliefs on what their yelling about. :)
Its a thanksgiving miracle!

never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you.
I like Hendrick in the first panel. Its just like the real Hendrick. :3

whatever happened to your cup idea? And the one with the creepy necro guy?
haha, well you can't really see his pants in this one.

and maybe Matt and Kenshin are actually twin brothers, separated at birth. *gasp*
Love ya
Wow, this really is the first sellib you've shown isn't it?
You should just keep Pokemon Snap in the N64 so when we get home from school we can just play it.
Good memories. :]
The tables turn on a crew of Bounty Hunters while chasing down a formidable Outlaw. With an unexpected turn for the worst, their ship is nearly destroyed and crash lands on the Desert Planet Torus.
Super Job Jeremey. :)
Jeff reminds me of Gumby in the first frame. =]
Wheres Alex?
This is a nice change of pace. ^_^
I think your mistaken about Amanda.
Cool page, the panel with Brandon and Amanda looks really dramatic/cool. ;)