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Welcome to my page~

I'm Bree, and I'm a University student. I want to author some e-books, and like many of you, it is my dream to create a professional graphic novel....someday. I still feel like I have a lot more to learn before I can get there, and so, I'm using this site for practice and motivation.

I am woking on two comics Feel free to leave a message
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Your art is jaw droppingly good I'm really impressed
4000 px length test
October 8th, 2012
October 8th, 2012
October 8th, 2012
TESTING AVA PIC THING.......blah blah blah

Testing the layout
lol the television-set-head seems to have a smile on his screen
I love that the first page hooks me already
bwhahaahahahaha that's too funny! ahhh I'm glad you updated. I like this comic ^___^
Keith's profile picture LOOOOL he reminds me of someone I know >_____< I really like your sense of humor.

"I only speak cat" I love the little details haahhah on their profiles
Lmao! soooo adorable ^^
I really *like that body proportions are really consistent and you have your own distinct drawing style.
Wow I'm really impressed with the sweet and magical quality from you comic so far. Not to mention the art looks great. This is just my style so I'll look forward to reading ^_^
the title is professional looking and cute. I like the pastel colour scheme. It gives me a nice wintery feel. I'm interested in checking this one out.
*_________* Gorgeous! I love those snowflakes
I throughly enjoyed your comic ^_^ it exceeded my expectations. I like the way you fleshed out the characters so they didn't seem cliche. Everything seemed more realistic and relevant then the main fair of comics. Lastly, there's a sweet quality that made your comic appealing so make sure you keep that up, k? ^_^
I like the last panel :) It emphasizes Cinna's nerves.
Uh oh~ here comes trouble :O
lol a lot of young teens are like this XD
His parent are adorable, too ^___^
I like the lighting on the Dad's face in the first panel :) nice job there