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You'd half expect Susan to fight for the fun of it, at least.
RIP Kenny, you died like a minion: by messing up a simple motion. You will be missed, but not, probably, by Anguish or Amazingman. Well, maybe by Amazingman, he's nice like that.
Ooh, fancy. Wish I'd remembered to check for updates yesterday to get the full effect.
@Koren: Minions probably reproduce like fungus. It would explain a lot.
@comicgirl: Spontaneous combustion, probably.
@sun tzu: Sort of? I mean, Susan seems much more invested in looking cool and dangerous than Anna, who is also a more enthusiastic person overall.
It's the first time he's been saved from near-certain death. Once he's got a little more experience with true villains and "resurrections" he'll angst every time. Like every other superhero!
"Do you hear velociraptors?"
"No, it's just fangirls at 221B."
So what they're saying is, Amazing-man is SO joining them for the battle.
@Sobriquet: To be fair, she's probably still got a little lingering Comedy going on, and a woman tearing off with nearly-adult girl under either arm is a pretty hilarious picture.
Well, not literally in the palm of his hand. They aren't Borrowers.
Why is it I always forget Sherlock was a master of disguise? Always! (Maybe because it's used as a gag in half the screen versions?)
@Hydra, he's a villain from Sherlock Holmes. Kind of THE villain.
But hey, where did Moriarty-kid actually guess their sire? He identified them by name, but not Jekyll and Hyde.
Ten years, whaaat? Man, I can't even believe I've been reading this for more than one or two, and I didn't find it until well after it started....
He can levitate himself, though, so if she didn't follow him down, he would just float back up, unimpressed. By following him over the edge, she forces him to do the heroic thing and save her first.
It could happen if Kinny and Alice built Will a schweet android body that looks exactly like his original one, but with, like, laser eyes or something.
Well done! Now she knows you are a white male, blond hair, near graduation from college. Really narrows done the search for the alter ego, yanno?
The answer, of course, is "Yes!"
@Mady: Well, since we ruled out Sherlock in one page already, my guess is that Emile is simply a better detective, and also, it's at least part of what he does for a living, identifying Descendants. It's probable that he simply has the advantage there. But, yeah, first guesses have to be wrong.