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My hobbies include the love of my life, and working my way to be with him.
Also, the occasional Yaoi story.
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March 12th, 2016
I can wait forever D: So we'll be here! Hope your other things go smoothly.
And this page is stunning btw.. I can't stop looking at all the detail.
November 20th, 2015
@Kumotogi: I really thought it was a Lion King reference. Glad someone else noticed as well.
I love his expression in the fourth panel. "WHAT.. ARE THOSE?" type of thing goin' on.
He gets props for trying.
Ahh.. Forgotten Shore.. I can already see him trying to beat up a prowling Pack of Wolves at his level and just completely being obliterated. (I laugh erytime I see a level 5 trying to help me (34)) So sad xD..
Anyway, this page is lovely<3
I'm sorry guys..
<small>SOOO.. I'm here.

I've been neglecting writing and posting because well.. I've honestly lost motivation.

It's sad. I'm really sad to say this because I know how it feels when someone goes on hiatus or stops. I'm sorry. Truly..

This comic in the first place was something I kind of made up on the spot because I didn't know quite where to begin. I had an ending but it was the fillers that gave me writers/drawers block. I didn't have a plan set out which just frustrated me I had hopes for it and (still do) but I'm just posting this to tell my readers/fans that it may or may not continue.
I learned a lot from comments posted and I learned a lot just from story-telling and drawing in general. I'm happy I improved.. I think I did!
Hiatus or not I will keep this up.
I really DO have other spin-off stories in mind.. Maybe something with Lord of the Rings . Something I can base it off of like a doujinshi.
I still want to draw, I still want to improve even more but for now I'll be away from THIS story.
I'm sorry again guys. I'm truly sorry..
Thank you for sticking with me and watching this comic grow to where it is now. I appreciate it.
(I will still be around!)</small>
August 28th, 2015
Forgot to make a separate folder.
August 19th, 2015

This comic is pure genius.. I love how it picks fun at every detail.. (even though I do love playing Destiny) <3
August 15th, 2015
<small>Freedom and slave should not be used in the same sentence.. Unless well, it's good of course.

Aki is quick to the point..
And woo! Onto the third chapter. I'm excited for some new characters and some fangirling.

Thanks for reading.</small>
August 10th, 2015
Yay! That's okay. I don't mind waiting for these gorgeous pages<3
August 9th, 2015
<small>Oh we know you like his stare, Cass.

GRAH! Sorry for (complaining?) all the time. But my work hours just increased.. So sorry for the no updates. I'm trying.
<3 Thanks, guys.</small>
August 1st, 2015
The masks are unique and I love it<3
<small>That's what happens.

JEEZ. This took me way longer than anticipated.. but I wanted to so some mild fanservice? xD
And THIS is why I don't color T-T I just like solids.

BUT! Wow.. Thank you guys for liking my comic and taking the time to comment.. it really motivates me and I fall in love with my characters all the more time I spend drawing them. I hope this comic in one way or another makes you smile, laugh..
And it brings me joy when I see you guys enjoying it too.

Let the imaginations run wild!

@Alondurr <333 !
@EmmaBooh Yasssss x2
July 29th, 2015
<small> So much dialogue.

PS: Aki is not a bunny. He has floppy ears but with a little Corgi butt tail?

I didn't even realize until today.. I've been so busy.
I'll have to draw something >.< commemorate. </small>
July 22nd, 2015
<small>That's not how you pick people up, Donte.
But he ''always'' does whatever the hell he wants anyway.

(Ahhh.. I got frustrated with this page. I'm still practicing motions/proportions/EVERYTHING. So I'm still sorry if things don't look right? ;_;)

Thanks guys.</small>

@Alondurr I appreciate it ;_; <3
@EmmaBooh Awwzzh<3
@witchknox Thank you!!
July 19th, 2015
Ahh!. This art style is too good for words.. I'm loving everything about this comic<3
July 19th, 2015
My eyebrows are still better than yours.
July 18th, 2015
1am.. `heels over`
July 16th, 2015
You gon' done fucked up.